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    Becoming a naturalised citizen and DNI number

    I wouldn't let a little paperwork disuade from pursuing citizenship. Most of these trámites are very easy (by any standard, not even the often more onerous Argie standard). Even AFIP change for my monotributista was 15-30 minutes, wait in cola included.
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    Us Notary & Apostille In Ba - Other Than The Embassy?

    Hi Aloha Boy I don't log in here much anymore but looks like this may still be useful. I most recently used when setting up a new online mailbox with Anytime Mailbox for a USPS form. It was even more impressive than the last time I used a similar service. I believe...
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    New born argentina nationality

    To add to Ben's point. The small child will also obtain permanent residency by virtue of the parents obtaining it through the birth of your Argentine child (if you have time to apply...sounds like it might be a quick trip). It used be a matter of a few weeks after the migracion appointment...
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    Citizenship Question

    Here you go. If you have your permanent residency and at least one of you have legal work. That should be smooth sailing. Both my wife and I were not Argentines.
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    Cordoba, Argentina Question

    I lived there for 5 years. We quite liked it. We were in Urca/Cerro de Las Rosas. That's between the centro and the sierras. Centro has some very nice areas and as with any city, some sketchy areas. It's big enough to be interesting but not too big. If you have any particular questions, post...
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    Prices Online Vs Irl

    I like that Randoms appreciates the randomness and nonsensical nature of Argentina.
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    Us Notary & Apostille In Ba - Other Than The Embassy?

    I was able to do one for $50 via Skype. It worked great, if a bit unusual. I believe Virginia still has this e-notary law by video (Skype, Hangouts). Not to be confused with a standard e-notary. I did mine a few years ago from my home office in Cordoba. Saved me a ton of issues and expense.
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    Obtaining Italian Citizenship

    The country where the document originates in must be the one where it's issued, apostilled, translated (and maybe even legalized by the local Colegio de Traductores) and then 'legalized' / approved by the consulate for use abroad at the Tribunales. Your attorney might offer to have the...
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    Another Dni Question - How Many Digits

    That is not your DNI number. It will ultimately have a similar format to a regular DNI but a different sequence of numbers and a large EXTRANJERO splashed across the front.
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    Argentinian Citizenship?

    You must reside in Argentina for citizenship. If you can get DNI, that's a good first step. I have done both processes.
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    Lisbon Vs Buenos Aires

    I was going to chime in the same. We're flying into Valencia in a couple weeks to check it out since it's been years since last in the region. We like 2nd/3rd cities...that's how we chose Cordoba rather than BsAs. We're returning from Barcelona, of course. Can't miss the chance to spend a few...
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    New Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!

    Thankfully my wife and I processed our cases at juzgado 3 and juzgado 2 respectively. Hopefully it doesn't expand beyond juzgado 1. The clerk, fiscal nor judge in question appear not to have signed anything on our cases. We were permanent residents prior to applying and I did not use a gestor...
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    Gov't Officialized Concession Of Routes To Low Cost Airlines

    I'm excited to see competition in the Argentine market. Transatlantic in particular. It's under $500 in from US gateways for major airlines thanks in part to the Norwegian, WOW, Condor, Thomas Cook etc. Even summer fares have been as low as $500.
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    Advice On Dual Nationality

    Yes, I originally thought I would use it for Cuba. You also get 90 days stay for Thailand. I believe US/EU are 30 days for Thailand.
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    Advice On Dual Nationality

    Yes. This is true and I believe we've discussed elsewhere that some countries such as Brazil require that one be a citizen for 5 years of a member state before qualifying for Mercosur visa. Others, such as Colombia had(has?) no such resitrcition.
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    Advice On Dual Nationality

    Some juzgados want FBI, some only national RNR and local background check and others include Interpol. You could tell them that they do Interpol in the South. The FBI you would complete in the same way as your migracion if they insist. All of the others *should* be requested by the court...
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    Advice On Dual Nationality

    Hi Nancy, Go for it! I applied in Cordoba as camel mentioned. My wife and I are both US-born and US-raised. We've had no issues. Applying wasn't too bad. Each court will approach the process in their own way but your documents from abroad will need an Apostille and to be translated and...
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    Advice On Dual Nationality

    I replied more completely but it's being moderated: Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Perú, Colombia y Ecuador.
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    Advice On Dual Nationality Residencia en el MERCOSUR Con el objetivo de fortalecer el proceso de integración regional, fueron implementados, a partir del año 2009, instrumentos que facilitan la libre circulación de personas entre...
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    New Immigration Decree, Long Life To King Macri!

    I don't know that my wife and I would be Argentine citizens today if it were not for all of the info Bajo_cero2 posted here publicly. I represented us through the process, but having someone knowledgeable to lean on here was tremendously helpful.