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    3 Bedroom For Rent By Owner (Barrio Norte)

    Thanks. BTW landlord was flexible with furniture as we had our own too.
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    3 Bedroom For Rent By Owner (Barrio Norte)

    I am doing my ex landlord a favor by helping her find a good tenant. She would like a one or two year lease. It's furnished with sofa, tv, cabinet, dining table&chairs, double bed in one bedroom, twin bed in the other bedroom and desk in 3rd room. All utensils, appliances you need are...
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    I am always entertained by the blogs and photos fellow expats put up on their sites and I have a question. The other day I was driving around Once with an out of town guest and she was taking random photos of streets and people from inside the car. A man came up to the window and demanded her...
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    3 Bedroom For Rent By Owner (Barrio Norte)

    Apt. is internet ready but renter will be responsible for utility bills (water, gas, electric, cable TV, internet).
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    JPMorgan to buy Bear for $2 a share

    What a deal! Does this mean more is to come? Maybe time to move back to the States and go bargain hunting...
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    3 Bedroom For Rent By Owner (Barrio Norte)

    US$1500/month no commission - 1000square foot 3 bedroom, 2 full bath apartment on the corner of Coronel Diaz and French. Rear facing, high floor apartment with a huge balcony and views of downtown. Alto Palermo Shopping/Bulnes subway station and Disco are 2.5 blocks away. Las Heras park is...
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    International Movings

    My friend used a company that packed and stored all their stuff in storage because it was not enough to fill a 20ft container. While in storage, many of her valuables were stolen (probably from an insider who knew what she had). It seems common for this to happen. When a company gets enough to...
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    Daylight Savings in Argentina

    Just heard Christina is reinstituting this from December 30. Can someone confirm that we have to move the clock one hour ahead?
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    Container back to USA?

    Thanks VMSmith. A friend also suggested I contact the US embassy to get recommendations on who they use. So it's good to know this company helps gov't agencies move. Great 411 thanks again!
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    Container back to USA?

    Hi; can somebody recommend a shipping company here that can haul stuff back to the US? I don't need a 20 foot container. Maybe a 1/2 or 1/4 of that...are sharing allowed? Thanks!
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    US EMBASSY JOB - Receptionist

    Deadline - November 21! You can check here time to time for jobs. Receptionist job details:
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    FYI - Heatlh Insurance will go up 24%
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    FYI - cab fare up 20% from today

    $3.10 to start and 31 cents after that.
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    US EMBASSY JOB - Telephone Operator

    Deadline Nov 1!
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    Coke in a bottle

    The other day I saw a mom pour some of her coke in her infant son's bottle at a McD's at Alcorta Shopping. Also, every birthday party we go to serves only sodas to kids as young as 2 years. If I hosted a birthday for my 2 year old in the States and served only sodas I think parents would be...
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    Elections and inflation?

    Some expats and I were talking today and they mentioned that usually after presidential elections prices go up in Argentina. How true is this? Should I be stocking up (i.e. like mosquito repelents)?
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    SICKO what did you think?

    Just wondering how fellow expats felt about this movie?
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    Furniture 4 Sale

    Photos can be seen here if you can't see it here.
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    Furniture 4 Sale

    Natuzzi leather sofa - ends recline US$900 Ikea cabinet all - US$350 Green sofa - US$300 Please send private note if interested. Thanks.
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    Colgate warns of fake toothpaste in U.S.

    FYI some bi-products of this kind were found in central america. Just take precaution if you're out buying toothpaste.