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    Superbowl XLVI - where to watch?

    El Alamo will be having its 7th Annual Super Bowl party this Sunday with the doors opening at 16:00. The entrance fee will be 60 pesos and will be redeemable for two beverages of your choice. The game will be shown in HD with English commentary on 14 LCD tv's spread over three floors. No...
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    Looking for bar that shows College Football

    El Alamo is able to show ALL college football games live, period, with up to four different games able to be shown at the same time.
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    BA News: BA Herald on Strike & SUGAR Shut by The Man

    I can intelligently comment and explain this as I have myself been shut down by the GCBA and dealt with the aftermath in court. First, when an establishment is closed down on a random night by the AGC arm of the GCBA it is a "preventative" closure (clausura preventativa) and is in theory done...
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    Where is a good place to watch the Sweet16?

    The ONLY place to watch the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final 4 live in English via Satellite is El Alamo in Recoleta. Others will only be able to show the games via a crappy and unreliable internet feed.
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    El Alamo-Closed By Gov

    No, that is not what I wrote and I was not inferring that.
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    El Alamo...great place minus the obvious! (Owner read)

    The two owners of El Alamo are US citizens. There are two other El Alamo locations, one in Medellin and the other in Key West. We will be opening another location in Buenos Aires in either the Palermo or Belgrano neighborhoods a few months from now. To the poster who claim "the owners...
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    El Alamo-Closed By Gov

    Yes, El Alamo was shut down by the GCBA for a few days. These sort of things are a part of doing business in Argentina and happen about once a year. You either play by the rules of the game here (and thrive doing so) or you pack up and go home.
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    March Madness

    For live via satellite NCAA tournament action, El Alamo is the ONLY place in Argentina to watch all the games. Other bars are only able to show the games using unreliable and/or crappy internet feeds.
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    Looking for a place to watch the superbowl in BA

    Actually, during the Super Bowl (and all games that fall on Sunday), there will probably not be almost no Argentines in the bar other than employees. There will, however, be 400-500 rabid US football fans just as there have been for every one of the past five Super Bowls.
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    Looking for a place to watch the superbowl in BA

    I am one of the owners of El Alamo and I would like respond to some of the critics here and tell everyone what the deal is for the Super Bowl on Sunday October 6th. We will be charging a $50 entrance fee which will include vouchers for two drinks, either Quilmes draft or mixed drinks made with...