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    We left BsAs after being there nearly 6 years. I'm posting as a warning to those who are left behind. My daughter want the only Argentine we brought back home. I apparently have a beastly taenia solium (pork tapeworm) currently living in my intestines which I ingested no doubt from a...
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    Looking for two French Girls-- Rental Advice

    Sorry if this isn't as tantalizing as the title made it out to be. The thing is this. We're renting an apt and as has happened to so many on these forums, the dueños are trying to take us for ride with respect to our substantial deposit. I plan on filing a denuncia with AFIP, since I doubt...
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    Best U.S. Based Cell Plan

    I've been here for 5+ years and am still using my 90 peso LCD Movistar. The smart-phone revolution has largely passed me by. For our business I need to be able to respond to an automated voice verification call placed to a number in the U.S. VoIP phones like Skype won't work. So my question...
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    Does anyone separate their recyclables?

    One of the common points of contention I hear about with the city is the sheer quantity of garbage lining the streets. While part of it comes from the litter culture here, a good portion is from the unique cartonero "recycling system". As they dismantle the bags of trash at dusk looking for...