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    Moving company recommendations?

    Does anyone have experience with Elishar Mudanzas? Their quote for my move back to the US using a half-sized shipping container is about US$9000; Lift Van's is about US$11,500. One difference is that LiftVan says there is a mandatory $2000 intensive verification fee for drugs at the port of...
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    Digital Nomad Advice

    Here's a link to a posting about living as a "digital nomad" in Buenos Aires, from internet connectivity to 3G phones...might be something in here for some folks...and I am sure many will have opinions! For those who consider...
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    Patagonia: Need lead on bilingual guides, Christmas slowdown

    A U.S. colleague of mine wants advice on travel in Patagonia....Anyone have experience? She prefers to work with Argentinians (or Chileans or even any of you if possible, rather than folks up north.) Here is her request: "My BA friends are most dear, but the outdoors is not high on their "to...
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    Residency after marriage

    I married an Argentinian six years ago. First we got married, then I applied for residency, and I just got my DNI a year ago. In order to get married, I presented all the properly apostilled and translated documents noted above (w/o ever sending any to the Argentine consulate in the US, how...
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    Rosario restaurants

    My favorite for fish is Escauriza (0341.454.1927) in front of the Playa Florida...has a good deck with view of water. . . you can see the lovely bridge over the Parana. Parking can be tricky--turn up the hill to the right at the corner of the restaurant and keep going til you find a spot. For a...
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    SOS: need real vanilla

    Help! I need real vanilla extract or essence for making my fantastic chocolate chip cookies and brownies. I'd love 12 to 16 ounces...where can I find it BA or even Rosario? I'm willing to make the 3 hour bus ride to BA to get it! (Of course if they ship, even better.) I remembered to bring...
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    Building a Functional Website in BA...

    Hi! I've helped new expats and coaches set up websites two different ways. For those using a traditional website and who want to do it themselves, this site can be useful for step by step instructions and links to additional articles on choosing domain names, how to optimize your site, etc...
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    English Words Used in Buenos Aires

    and of course FULL is pronounced just like FOOL. It me smile when my friends here say they have a "FOOL HOUSE" or that they are working "A FOOL."......
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    An argentinian with a few questions

    I moved here for love (yes, I married him) and more sunshine (and yes, I still enjoy it). Living (and not merely traveling) outside one's home culture has been shown to increase creativity and flexibility, and I'd add spiritual depth to that. Having enough money for a roof and food matters...
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    Boring expats

    How about posting some more low-cost activities? I love the Tigre outing idea!
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    Absentee voting for US

    I was able to register and then vote via fax as a Santa Cruz resident. Amazing really. Time to switch to federal voting for me, but I was able to vote on state and local stuff too.
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    Were You Looking for Life Coach in Belgrano?

    A Life Coach is a professional who helps you "optimize" your life and well being. A coach is one who partners with you to-- clarify your goals identify your own personal strengths and help you learn to leverage them in pursuit of your "best life" create a step-by-step plan for...
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    Were You Looking for Life Coach in Belgrano?

    Hi...someone in Belgrano was looking for a life coach. The message to me was inadvertantly erased. If you send me a private message, I woud be delighted to respond!
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    Hola Buenos Aires!

    Bienvenida, Jacqui...May you have many adventures for your stories! I'm a coach and writer--and would love a visit from another writer when you want a break from the City, come into the "Interior" and see how the rest of us live. Saludos, Gayle
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    Argentine Movie Recommendations

    My favorites: Historia Oficial. (1985, dir. Penzo) Aptly described above...tragic and true...Oscar award for best foreign film, to be watched when in thoughtful rather than romantic mood. El Secreto de Tus Ojos (2009, dir. Campanella) Starring my favorite Argentine actor, Ricardo...
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    Where can mom get face/tummy tucks when she visits me?

    Well, I was kidding .... but she is not...thanks for the tips!
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    UCLA Alumni get together

    How about other LA colleges and universities? Gayle, Occidental College, 1972
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    olympic winter games

    Can anyone help us find the sites that show the Olympics? The official NBC site is only for US and Canda...
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    Where can mom get face/tummy tucks when she visits me?

    Help! To encourage my 86-year-old mother to visit, I told her she could always combine it with a little cosmetic surgery and recuperate before she goes back. I think she'd find better options in BA and Rosario than here in San Nicolas. Please offer tips on how to go about finding a great...
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    clamping down on perma-tourists

    Bending the rules? With the lentitude of the Registro Civil, the choices are hard. I moved here, engaged to my now-husband, an Argentinian, and from first "tramite" to DNI it took FOUR AND A HALF YEARS. Phase One: It took the RC about 18 months to approve our documents for our civil wedding...