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    Paying expired visa fine at Buquebus?

    When you check in for the Buquebus, they will give you the overstay form and tell you where to go to pay the fine. My last stamp was so illegible that they tried to make me pay it even though it had been less than 3 months. So I haven’t done it, but I know you can pay the fine at Buquebus.
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    Football Tickets

    I have some friends in town and wanted to take them to see a football game this Sunday. A tour company priced me 180 pesos a ticket for the River vs Chacarita game which includes transportation and guide. This seems like a huge mark-up. Is there any way I could just buy the tickets myself or...
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    Healthy Restaurant Recommendations??

    I think we can all agree that the steak, milanesas and empanadas here are amazing but I’m missing my old healthy lifestyle. Does anyone have good recommendations for healthier restaurants and delivery places? I’m particularly looking for good delivery places in San Telmo and Palermo. Thanks guys!