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    Kid 'N Play

    I'd like to know if there are any folks out there that miss going out and dancin to ol' school hip-hop? Thinking about throwing an event somewhere, but want to know if there's an interest for it (i know i miss it) before going through the motion : ) xx
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    Dating Argentines...

    Hello! Over drinks the other evening a friend shared a story about how he finally decided it was time to break off his relationship with his 6mo long Argentine girlfriend after she became livid about him hanging out with a girl - friend - and threw all his stuff out onto the street. I've...
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    2008 irs

    Hello all... I know I'm a little late, but I am currently looking for a trusted tax accountant/company located in BA to help with my 2008 tax return. If you know anyone, please send contact info my way - THANKS!
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    US IRS Tax Accountant

    I know its past the due date, but I'm looking for someone/company in BA that provides IRS accounting services for expats. Any leads - info would be appreciated. Thank you.