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    Argentina's history of anti-semitism

    Auslander, Did you know what happened here in 94? Iran organized an attack on the Jewish community centre & 84 human beings were killed. It was then later revealed that Iran had paid a criminal called Menem -then President of Argentina, $10million to cover it up. This character called...
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    Argentina's history of anti-semitism

    marianozwan, I agree with you, but right now there's an unravelling of something that we haven't seen since the great depression. This has very serious consequences on you & me & our families anywhere on this mud ball. It does deserve some careful scrutiny, let's see who's really running the...
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    Argentina's history of anti-semitism

    Hi Les, "Cant read" or can't grasp? Your initial comment about everyone 'being right' brought some light hearted comedy into this serious discussion. don't take it the wrong way but you need to understand what's being discussed here before you slap a 'disgusting' label on it all. The topic...
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    Argentina's history of anti-semitism

    Why, of all days, do you chose to post such a provocatice link, when the headlines are screaming about the biggest Fraud commited by a Jewish 'money man'? Were you looking for pro Jewish sympathy? REALLY? Why are you running around here 'throwing lit matches during an oil spill'? Are you...
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    Argentina's history of anti-semitism

    How dare I question pro jewish views? Daring to venture into prohibited go go territory, I shall be labelled & condemned as a German Nazi war criminal now!. Sergio, I'll answer your question just as soon as you answer me my question to you... why do you feel the need to publish & slander...
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    Argentina's history of anti-semitism

    .... my bit of advice for you today is... perhaps you should pick a better day to go waving your flag & tossing stones. Just a suggestion only. Why does Bernard Madoff evoke record-breaking resentment? Hollywood figures snared in Bernard...
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    Argentina's history of anti-semitism

    Why don't you talk about the lobby that owns hollywood & wall st instead? Why don't you ask those people in the USA who live in tents what they think about the 'special interest groups' who make up the overwhelming majotiry that controls world finance? Take your stale propaganda somewhere else.
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    such a big city can be lonely!

    Good afternoon Robin:), Big cities! Yes I know what you mean. I've been here for almost 5mths now & I relate to what you say. The best advice I read was that the best way to meet people here is to join some kind of club or take classes with a group who indulge in like minded activities, tango...
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    Baexpats lunch this Tuesday Feb 17th 2pm

    Thanks! Count me in too please.
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    Argentina - Racism?

    Good point, and I guess what I meant to say is that in these 'other places' you already have the racial/ethnic/cultural problem to start with, & when you add the 'economic migration' factor into it then it's 'nasty' like a match to gasoline. Maybe Argentina doesn't share the same 'high voltage...
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    Argentina - Racism?

    Hi expatalex, I'm not criticising your post in any way, I'm just expanding on a part of it. I think that clarifications need to be made when one points to 'racism' here in Argentina. First there is the clear cut racism based on your ethnicity where no matter what your moral codes or social...
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    Going to bariloch on monday 2nd Feb

    Hi this is a late note but just in case, I'm catching a coach to Bariloche and I would like to know if anyone else is doing the same on that same day or around that date (This Monday coming) , my travel buddy has suddenly cancelled so I may as well check if anyone else wants to join. I'm...
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    Hi Adrienne, we're going to bariloche on the 2nd of Feb (this monday) . So if you feel like getting out of town & discovering something new, let me know. I'm going with a friend from London. Maybe we can have a 'BEER' first ....:D (learning from Hemmes). I'm around your area every day. Just in...
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    Computer tech

    Hi Tango, I could drop in while I'm in your area. I'm around every day, I'm the Argentinian Australian who owned his own computer service center in Sydney prior to moving to BA. It's all a matter doing the correct testing, then isolating the issue. And no I'm not planning to charge you for it...
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    Expat lunch, Tuesday, 20 January

    Hi Steve, yes! please count me in. Looking forward to it. Thanks!
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    Ebay import tax & duties

    A clarification about my last post above & some more details: Regarding that %60. Roughly speaking, if the on-line cost is $100... then you add %60 of the $100 and add it on top giving you the total of = $160 (or more - depending on the type of item) The other little nasty I found out was...
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    Ebay import tax & duties

    Hi everyone, Thanks so much for the replies! I really appreciate it. It boils down to the following, you pay roughly %60 or more of the cost of what ever you buy online. This is depressing me very quickly. I don't like this kind of control. Thanks for the feedback. I cut & pasted the info...
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    Translation work and English/Spanish lessons offered

    :)hi Vanessa, I don't have anything to for you right at this moment but I'll definitely make sure I keep you in mind when something comes up (I've noted down your email). Hang in there, sometimes things seem slow -especially during this time of the year. Keep the focus & it'll work out. Best...
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    Ebay import tax & duties

    Hi, I'm considering buying a laptop through & getting it delivered here in BA. I'd be very grateful to hear from anyone who's already bought stuff & had it delivered here. What was the total import duty rate? I believe the duty is somewhere around %45 of the retail value but I'm not...
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    Expat lunch, anyone?

    I'm a definite! cheers!