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    purchasing/renting a car

    hello. i would like to drive around the southern cone in the next couple of weeks. does anyone have experience with purchasing a car in BA? I have heard that you cannot leave argentina into Chile with an argentine car? is this true? How about renting? does anyone have any advice or...
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    Good ATM?

    i take out 1000 pesos at time at citibank. they are all around the city.
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    Ladies! do you know of a threading salon?

    hi. i would appreciate if anyone could advise if there are threading salons in the city and how to find them. much thanks as always.
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    Spanish lessons - advice needed

    Hello, I would like to take individual spanish lessons. If anyone can recommend a person, that would be much appreciated. Also, I have a person on craigslist who is charging $30 ar per hour and that seems totally reasonable, but someone told me that I could get them for $20ar and obviously if...
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    Need to buy a Futon - advice needed

    Hello, I need to buy a futon or bed. just a simple cheap one that can be delivered to me... is there a website or store that anyone can recommend for no hassle transactions. also, i would like to get some other items for my apartment... does anyone recommend a flea market? is this only on...
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    cell phone questions

    Hello everyone, Richard, I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your post, I actually logged in today to ask the same questions. And thanks for all the useful information. Will and American cel phone work, with a prepaid SIM card, specifically a Razr and/or Blackberry? Does prepaid...
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    Barrio Flores??

    Thank you everyone who responded. From the jist of what was said, I think this is perfect for me. Can't wait, -micilin
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    Barrio Flores??

    Hello everyone, I am coming down to BA in March from NYC and I have rented an apartment on Terrero in barrio Flores. I understand that this is not the trendy happening neighbourhood and I am very fine with that. I am looking forward to discovering the less well travelled streets of the city...