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    Will I Be Able To Get My Diploma Apostilled?

    you might have to bring a notary to the school if there isn't one on-premises, have the school make a copy, have the principal sign on the document that it's a true copy (with a seal if possible), have the notary notarize it, have your county clerk certify that notary's signature, then it'll be...
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    Ultra music festival?

    Anyone going tonight? I'll be there around 10:30ish, if anyone wants to meet up, my cell is 15-6844-1006...feel free to hit me up! :D JP
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    Finally someone's paying attention to the increase in violence

    “Nowadays we see an increasing number of criminals and robbers, and if we don’t conduct a joint work to control illegal activities at slums, unfortunately this type of cases will turn into something common.” Hopefully this is actually serious and not just a smoke-and-mirrors ploy to just...
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    Where can I buy a crock pot?

    I had initially misread the title of this post...and was sorely disappointed when i realized it was CROCK pot you were looking for. 8-)
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    Isenbeck Beer Festival

    The isenbecks were $20 pesos each for what was probably close to a half liter (maybe a lil more than a pint). I unfortunately don't remember and other brands of beer that were there, but there were actually quite a few with different styles of beer. The prices were anywhere from 20-35 pesos for...
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    Isenbeck Beer Festival

    I am here right now Friday night and it's actually good vibes and A LOT of very good looking people. The beer is not exactly cheap (it is if you convert the price to dollars), and of course the Isenbeck is lowest common denominator beer, but there are a few other types that are pretty good. I'm...
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    Argentina's Problems

    I don't get what point you're trying to make about grassroots, and the gay marriage example...are you saying that's an example of grassroots succeeding or failing at improving things? What I am saying about grassroots activism is that it can and has been used effectively in the US for good...
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    Argentina's Problems

    GREAT POINT...this bears repeating
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    Argentina's Problems

    You're 100% right about Govt being overrun by special interests. That's something that definitely can, and has been the result of the increasing power and growth of Special interest groups. Lord knows the us govt can be incredibly ineffective and gridlocked, as it is today; it's also basically...
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    Argentina's Problems

    I was actually contemplating this exact thing the other day...the lack of interest groups, and I was wondering why. I mean, say what you will about some groups that operate in the US, but at least if the government or corporation does something that incites that group, you can almost be certain...
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    computer hacked?

    fabe's right
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    In search of fun!

    Sugar Bar sounds like a good idea
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    US federal apostille

    So I think I totally had a mental lapse before I came here and instead of getting the FBI report, I only got one from the NYPD. Any idea if I can get away with using that instead? and is it possible for me to get the FBI report from BsAs?
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    In search of fun!

    What's up everybody!? I see I just missed the train on this one...I've been looking for a chance to meet and hang out with some fun peeps. I'd like to get in on the next one!
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    Visiting from NYC

    Hi Everybody! I'm 24, from NYC, been reading the site the past couple days, and it's very interesting and inspiring! I'll be visiting family the first two weeks of December. It's my first time back since '04, and my first time going alone, so I'm looking forward to trekking it a little and...