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    Steakhouse suggestions?

    Hi. Can anybody suggest a cozy, affordable, decent and centrally located steakhouse? Thank you
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    Calling abroad from a pre-paid mobile phone card

    Hi, I just landed here yesterday, so HELLO to everybody. I got me a pre-paid mobile phone card with CTI Movil. I was explained by the clerk that it is impossible to send SMS messages abroad, but now I am finding out that I cannot make a phone call either. When I am trying to dial European phone...
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    BA real estate: buyers or sellers market?

    I have noticed some discrapancies regarding the BA real estate market. I am not familiar with the market at all but some things really make me wonder. While it appears there is an ample supply of both - real estate for sale and real estate for rent, the rental prices for appartments of 60 - 80...
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    Recoleta vs San Telmo

    Hi, I am planning on coming down to BA for the duration of 3 months in the 2nd half of 2007. The purpose of my stay is to learn some Spanish (enlisted already in an intensive course located downtown) and to experience the city and the country (in a moderate fashion). I have been searching for...