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  1. L - BA guide/travel stories

    I've kept a blog slash restaurant/culture/travel review going for the past 3 months. Not sure exactly how much it'll help the really new newcomers, but feel free to check it out!
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    Wanted: backpack and advice!

    Hey all, So I'm leaving soon to head back to the States and I've decided that due to the lack of a return airplane ticket and my desire to go on an adventure - I'm trying to make it up to California without ever getting on an airplane. Right now, I'm planning on bussing it to Ecuador (traveling...
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    Apartment Rentals??

    Hey all, My roommate and I have been here about a week and a half and found a great place, but unfortunately have to move out by the end of the month. Does anyone know of some good apartment rental websites or, by any chance, of any 2 bedroom apartments for a reasonable price? We're a guy and...