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    Scarey exciting thing happened to me today

    I was visiting an apartment building in almagro, I opened the front door and turned around to close it when i saw this fast moving flash. A guy sprinted from nowhere trying to get me before i closed the door, luckily I beat him by a split second He was about 20 and looked like a total street...
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    Back to the Future Argentina Electronics

    So I bought little mp3 player to use while I jog. I took it home, plugged it into my laptop to load some songs and 'charge.' I came back a few hours later, started to jog... I spent the first 20 minutes mashing all the buttons trying to make it turn on, until i finally stopped for a...
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    It's another visa question ya'll

    A few days ago i made a thread about overstaying my visa twice, and got attacked, some people seemed so mad they would have liked to cut my face off and wear it as a disguise, hannibal lector style So I ended up going to colonia..was a great day..wonderfull food..sunshine..good american...
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    Is there anyone with two visa overstays?

    Hello all I overstayed my visa last year, it hasn't made any difference when coming and going through the airport My current 90 day visa expires in a couple of days, but I need to be here until the end of september. It seems such a waste of time to go to colonia but im paranoid about...