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    Girl's Meet up on Sunday

    Notorious looks good.....what time? 3.30? If anyone is definetely going to go today for sure could you please post to let me know? I was planning on going but then its a long way for me to go if no one else shows up. Thanks!
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    Girl's Meet up on Sunday

    HiI'll be along on Sunday too, I missed last week. Sorry I can't think of anywhere to suggest to meet though, this place in Palermo is great ( but kind of small if a lot of people turn up. Galalita, you seemed to know a lot about good places to go in Buenos Aires, can you...
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    Girl's Meet-up this Sunday

    Count me in for Sunday. Bar 6 looks really good.
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    wanting to make some girl friends.....

    Hi, I have come across this thread a little late but would love to be included in any future plans! My name is Louise, i'm 29 and from the UK, have been here since January living with my boyfriend. At first I thought it would be good to emerse myself in speaking spanish all the time but now i'm...