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  1. mc kenna

    Best translation of “ tranquilo todo se va a acomodar, tené fe !!”

    I think the best translation would be..... keep calm.... and head to ezeiza lol
  2. mc kenna

    Alleged gang rape in Argentina fuels calls for men to fight gender violence

    I have to make up for certain shortcomings so my machismos are never micro lol As the Duke would say, '' never offend somebody unintentionally''
  3. mc kenna

    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    I have no doubts this is your place in the world where you found your happiness, and i'm glad to read that, nothing beats being happy, however , i always find it kind of odd that with all those many friends and such a wonderful life most people( maybe not your case) keep a place where they come...
  4. mc kenna

    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    Obviously you must be Batman. unfortunately your ethical and moral stance don't count for much around here. I know, i was the idiot that used to pay my property taxes ahead of time, keep getting ripped off by a country that gives you very little to nothing in return for your contribution . Also...
  5. mc kenna

    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    I particularly enjoy how many expats here try to school you on how things work, allow me to explain to you how things really work around here, all those taxes you paid, most likely were invented on the spot even when they gave you a receipt, property transactions, im fully aware that you can...
  6. mc kenna

    When I move here what special things should I bring that are hard to get?

    The most important thing to bring is, patience and also your outlaw game up to speed, if you don't know how to go about bribing gov' officials, learn! quickly. Also benjamins new bills. you are welcome.
  7. mc kenna

    hello, just joined the forum dude, hell no, just come down here with some benjamins, visit, tour the sites then after you are done eating beef and drinking wine all very decent in my opinion, go try to get something done like getting aaaaaaany type of government related paperwork , that'll change your mind...
  8. mc kenna

    ID needed for non food purchases?

    Exactly! just make up a number untraceable , if you refuse, you'll be suspected of something like caring about your privacy(according to the culture here, if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't need privacy). and when they ask your name, tell them you are ...... Roberto franklin.... second...
  9. mc kenna

    Border closures vOmicron?

    Oh just in case you missed how this country fucked up the first time with the pandemic, this winter or before you get to experience the sequel . But remember , it's for your safety of course, so obey.....
  10. mc kenna

    Got into a scuffle with three chorros at Starbucks- will they seek revenge?

    As valid as many of the points made in this thread, this is the prime example why it is so difficult these days to engage in any kind of conversation. We went form some poor dude almost getting his phone stolen to , i'm in Tuscany and i don't care to who is better quality of poor and their...
  11. mc kenna

    Got into a scuffle with three chorros at Starbucks- will they seek revenge?

    No doubt you did the right thing, but in the future you might want to call the police and with , hopefully, some witnesses tell the cops exactly what happened , if nothing else to cover your possible future legal consequences as they could easily claim you attacked them when they were trying to...
  12. mc kenna

    Strategies for US inflation

    real estate doubled in 10 years if in the right area
  13. mc kenna

    Strategies for US inflation

    wanna buy a 10 acre ranch?
  14. mc kenna

    Is it safe?

    I was considering a road trip to Bariloche area in the summer, but i'm hearing a lot of noise coming from there due to protests coming from some natives groups that are turning pretty violent Anyone from that area or close by has any first hand information? Thanks
  15. mc kenna

    Potentially Moving to Argentina

    I don't know if i ever mentioned this, but i grew up in chivilcoy , so i can recall things about argentina most don't know or best case, they've seen in a documentary. As far as knowledge of the culture and the area, i had plenty since my roots run about 5 generations back here in...
  16. mc kenna

    Potentially Moving to Argentina

    I would suggest you potentially move to Uruguay, by the time you realize what a nightmare this place is , you are gonna be waist deep in this quick sand they call argentina
  17. mc kenna

    PASO Election Results

    When you say '' stones'' you mean far left violent terrorists disappeared ? i think you might be confused , stones or rollingas had nothing to do with montoneros, erp or quebracho of the 70s On a side note, some of the chetos of the 80s wore john l cook apparel displaying the battle flag of the...
  18. mc kenna

    Budgeting for raising two children in a small pueblo

    It is called , ''pluck the gringo'', i think you've been had, sorry to hear about that, now the kids can become hostages if you ever run out of money. No one makes 2 grand a month in a small town and yet they manage, i would plan an exit strategy ...
  19. mc kenna

    Looking to invest $1 million USD in Argentina - what should I buy?

    YES! great idea, and if you can, buy an airline too, they NEVER expropriate private own companies........ well, except when they do.... but that almost never happen lol