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  1. Redpossum

    SRA throws down the gauntlet at La Rural AS usual, the banner above is in Castellano, and the story will initially appear in that tongue, but be patient and in 3-4 seconds it...
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    About that new "Soy Dollar"

    In case you missed it, the government has created a new "Soy Dollar" exchange rate, to encourage the agro producers to sell their crop, because the government really desperately needs the money...
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    "Panic" in Villa Gesell over a roaming puma or two. I'm personally somewhat amused at the thought of people being all scared of a...
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    The train to San Luis is back

    I'm not clear whether there hasn't been any train to San Luis for all this time, (that would seem unlikely), or whether this is some special train, but I'm all in favor of developing the rail net. The part about the video that amuses me is the contrast between the chrome-dome transport minister...
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    Jill Biden calls Latinos ‘breakfast tacos’
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    Levan Polka, Argentina style

    I have always been very fond of the Levan Polka, and I have heard a million different versions of it. This is a Turkish man playing a Finnish song from 100 years ago, remixed by a South African dj while a Canadian cat vibes. With overlays of commentary on Argentine politics. My candidate for...
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    Time catches up with another mass murderer Same drill as before. The banner is in Castellano, and the story will first appear thus, but wait a few seconds and it will change to English.
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    Social Security TODAY?

    Bank just notified me that my SS check hit my account two days early. I'm guessing because it's 4th of July weekend, Muchachos Garcias Uncle Sam. I know he doesn't love me, but it's nice that he's reliable with the payments anyhow. Same same anybody else?
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    José Luis Espert asked to imprison or shoot the Mapuches

    Folks in this particular subreddit tend to be a touch on the conservative side to begin with, but when it comes to the subject of the Mapuche, they go overboard. To be honest, I have yet to hear any argentino say anything sympathetic about the Mapuche. Now, I'm not passing judgement. Just...
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    Sad Anniversary, Bombardment of the Plaza de Mayo, June 16 1955

    Google Translate appears to be working When you click the link, it will first appear in Castellano, but if you wait a few seconds, it will change to English. It is a sad and tragic...
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    Rio Negro moves to eliminate school report cards, then reverses course Again, the titles above are in Castellano, but if you follow the link, the story you see will appear initially in Castellano, and...
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    The Rise of Inflation I'm trying to post this with the Google Translate included. It hasn't worked in past, but we'll see. In any case, would this perhaps be an...
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    Summary of how to use Western Union in 2022

    PLEASE DO NOT POST QUESTIONS IN THIS THREAD. The purpose of this post is to serve as a pinned set of instructions. If you have helpful tips to add, or corrections to errors or omissions I may have made, by all means post them here. But please post questions elsewhere, so this thread does not...
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    Miracle in the conurbano

    Through the kindness of a passing stranger, a crippled man miraculously regained the use of his legs!
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    Argentina's debt to IMF is greater than what Elon Musk paid for Twitter
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    About the Tractorazo

    Did you folks see the pictures? Did you notice all the tractors were ancient old relics, but the government says those people are rich landowners? OK, this picture shows a few green John Deere...
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    Feral dogs kill two people, maul a third
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    Brutal Inflation in Argentina Keep in mind this is Pagina12 saying this. 22 percent of products surveyed by the LCG consultation exhibited weekly increases. In four weeks the end-to-end rise reaches 7.7 percent. The week of March 16 to 23 closed with an average...
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    Inflation here and there

    I will apologize for posting a video from Fox. It's Tucker, who is the least offensive of their hosts, and I have cued it up to the meaningful part, skipping the first two minutes of political BS. The part I have cued up is pretty much all numbers on inflation and costs. I am amused at the...
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    Farewell to William Hurt You know you're getting old when the heroes of your youth start dropping left and right. Anybody else remember The Big Chill? I watched it when it was new, with a group of close friends from High School. We were only mid 20's at the...