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    Trip Report

    I had a lovely time in BA, stayed in wonderful apt located in Recoleta near Starbucks and walked for miles everyday! It is one of the most beautiful metropolitan areas I have every been, even though it rained pretty much daily. Traffic wasn't too bad and learned the subways but preferred taxi...
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    Drinking Tap Water

    Wow, great post Bajo_cero2. Thank you very much. I was wondering where the water comes from. Is it recycled city waste water? I know that in California this is what is coming out of taps. I called the water department and they confirmed it. So it makes me a little queezey to think of it's...
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    Warning About Tango Teacher "tango Piola"

    Oh my, I am new to Tango and about to visit BA tomorrow. I have a wonderful teacher here showing me some basic dance steps and I do want to try it out, but makes me nervous to think this will be some kind of indulgence for the male, if I even get invited to dance. i'll be staying in Recoleta...
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    Drinking Tap Water

    My friend who arrived there a few days ago says he is drinking water from the tap. We are renting an apartment in Recoleta, maybe that makes a difference? I don't mind buying bottled water but curious as to what the majority drink there, besides alcohol :)
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    Any Watchers There Following The Celestial Signs

    Anybody around in BA whose been keeping up with the celestial signs fulfilling bible prophecy? I'd love to hear more and wonder if something might happen while visiting there during our trip as some predict for April. Or please feel free to email if you want to keep in touch as more events...
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    No More Reciprocity Fee For Us Passport Holders

    I am visiting in two weeks and I was under the assumption, after searching online, there was no charge for visa to enter Argentina and Uruguay. I don't have the links to where I found the information except I started with the US gov website back in December 2015. Either way this is good news...
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    Exactly why I wanted a GPS device. Same has happened to me traveling and don't want to go through that again.
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    I am not arriving until morning of April 9th, staying in apt in Recoleta for just weekend then off to Uruguay. Tight schedule to try and meet, no? Why are you selling it? Any bargaining? heh, I live in Mexico, had to ask...
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    Does anyone have a certain GPS that works in both North America and South America? I have the GPS app in my phone but I do not trust my company to have internet signal while on the road there in Argentina and Uruguay. The rent-a-car company offers a GPS but by the time I pay the fee I could...
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    Another Newbie

    Hola Mark! I will be visiting BA 2nd weekend in April and wonder if you could recommend a few restaurants that would serve vegetarian dishes. I am traveling with a friend who eats meat but since you are specializing in culinary perhaps you've had a chance to visit the local eateries. I only...
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    Home Invasion/robbery

    I hope the police follow the trail and get those robbers! I am expat living here in Mexico with a planned trip to visit there in April. In comparison, when we are robbed here the police report is too grueling spend hours giving information while they do nothing to investigate perpetrators...
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    $1 Million Usd To Spend In Bsas - How Long Can It Last?

    Oh man, reading this thread cracks me up! So, I might as well chime in,,, I've been reading all the links which some kind folks have posted on clubs for Tango dancing and can't wait to get there to try my steps. It looks like there are quite a few interesting clubs and events going on to keep...
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    :eek: so better not to go or dance with stranger? I will have a male companion 15 yrs my señior. We have been friends for 20 yrs, like my brother and we travel together but he refuses to learn the Tango. I was hoping there would be an older crowd hangout, I'm not mentioning age but I'd be...
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    Thanks for your post. I tried to find it on Googlemaps but no luck. It's not a problem for me to wait until I get down there to ask some locals where a safe place to go with music and tango dancing but just thought if anyone has a favorite spot. I'm not a late nighter so an 8:00 start would be...
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    Hi, I am going to visit Buenos Aires in April and decided to take some Argentine Tango classes before I leave. Any suggestions on places to try out my new dance steps? I'll be traveling with a friend who is not taking classes so I might have to tango with a stranger.