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  1. Shoeb

    India To Argentina Do I Need Yellow Fever Vaccination?

    Hi, does entering to Argentina from India will they ask me yellow fever certificate? Has anyone has recent experience entering Argentina and was asked yellow fever in migration.
  2. Shoeb

    Everything About Sending Money Out Of Argentina

    Hi, I could not find any clear answer on sending money out of argentina and I need to get things right. So if you are working and getting paid in argentina(en blanco) does your normal bank allow transfering money out of argentina and is there any limit also how smooth the process is.
  3. Shoeb

    Flight Ticket And Temporary Residency

    Hi All, I searched the forum but did not find any concrete answer for this. I have a temporary Residency with DNI, and I want to buy local flight ticket from BUE to Cordoba. Do some one has an experience travelling with Temporary Residency ,do the charges are different for Argentinians and...
  4. Shoeb

    Tramites - Transferring Money From My Salary Account

    Hi, I got to know that there is a process to transfer money in official rate to the home country from the Salary account upto a fixed limit every month. However I dont know where to do the process at AFIP , bank or at my company. Is there any experience to share.. thanks, Shoeb
  5. Shoeb

    Have Temporary Residencey Visa. To Bring My Future Spouse

    Hi , if someone can share me their knowledge o experience. I have a temporary Residency Visa of Argentina, i will be getting married in India and would like to bring my wife with me. However I dont know by which Visa she can come, will it be a Tourist Visa or there is some special Visa for...
  6. Shoeb

    Vegetable Steamer - Experience

    Caballeros, Does anyone have any experience using Vegetable Steamer, is it possible to cook Rice in it? How trustful is it and does it get messy? Regards, Shoeb
  7. Shoeb

    20 De Diciembre..dia De Saqueous??

    Is it true that 20th of Dec is expected to be the day of robberies in the city. Owner of a chinese supermarket told me, everyone is going to shut down on this day... Wierd..atleast compared to my country..
  8. Shoeb

    I Phone 4 - Exterior Glass Broken

    Hi, My Iphone slip away from my hand and broke its exterior glass. Does anyone have any experience or know any place where I can get the glass replaced. Any idea of the cost.? Shoeb
  9. Shoeb

    Pago Facil

    Hi, Pago facil accepts AMEX (credit card) for payment, and how does it work. Do they give the receipt at the same time or send it later. Shoeb
  10. Shoeb

    Expats In San Isidro - Zona Norte

    Hi Guys, Is this group is all about downtown, have been here for a few months and read very less about Buenos Aires provincia. Trust me life is so different and less Shit here in provincia( well yes San Isidro to be specific) .. However I want to know are there some expats in San Isidro or...
  11. Shoeb

    Internations Expat Event

    Hi does anyone know about this event? I am still waiting for the membership, just want to know someone from this group ever went to such events...
  12. Shoeb

    How To Get Internet Connection Wifi From Telefonica?

    Hi Expatians, I moved to a new apartment, it has a telephone service from Telefonica under name of my landlord but does not have an internet connection. I desperately need one for my online classes, my landlord is of no help as she says it is my problem. If you guys knows, please can you tell...
  13. Shoeb

    Renting An Apartment In Ba Is Taxable

    if I rent an apartment in BA, is the rent taxable. if I do not receive any receipt of rent from owner, will it be difficult to prove my tax return.
  14. Shoeb

    Getting An Apartment In Nor Delta , Work Place At Pilar

    Hi, I need help to know is it a good idea to live in Nor delta and travel to work at Pilar by car. I use to live in Mumbai so I hate downtown. Just want to know what good and bad situation I can face. Shoeb
  15. Shoeb

    Okra - Where To Get

    Hi Everyone, I am an Indian and I love cooking Green vegetables. from Sometimes I have been roaming around Verduleria to find fresh stuff I get bac in home. surprisingly,I have found some really good variety of vegetables here. however never came across Okra (or lady fingers, thats what we call...
  16. Shoeb

    First Time In Buenos Aires And Want To Drive A Car

    Hi everyone, I arrived last week to BA with my cycle. had a fun time with the customs as they wanted to charge duty me for it, but ended up allowing me to take it without any charges. Now I have a Car from company to travel to Plant everyday, I have my International driving permit and my...
  17. Shoeb

    Driving License In Ba

    Hi Guys, I want to know how to get local driving license in buenos aires. I have one from my country but to make a local one what is the procedure and requirements. thanks, shoeb
  18. Shoeb

    Any Expat In Pilar Getting Bored This Weekend?

    Hi everyone, is any expat around Pilar getting bored in this long weekend.
  19. Shoeb

    Looking For A Biciclida..

    I want to buy/rent bicicleda as i will be there in the city for 3 months. Anyone willing to spare their spare cycle or want to sell it, please let me know.
  20. Shoeb

    New Comer From India Needs Spanish Classes On Weekends

    Helli everyone, Finally I have arrived in BA and in my first week I understood I definitely need to join Spanish Classes. but I only have weekends avaialble with me. Please help me with some good Spanish classes which runs on weekends. I stay at Pilar but can travel to city anytime. And yes...