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    Looking for babysitter

    Hi MaryT, As I am currently looking for a nanny I would very much like to know your impression with Dannielle if possible. I know that she will be back in town by today. Your insight would be very much appreciated. We live in Palermo SoHo and have a 4 months old beauty (daughter). Cheers
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    Seeking Laid Back Towns in Argentina

    sorry, these places are in mendoza...
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    Seeking Laid Back Towns in Argentina

    well, i've been there now a couple of times. make sure not to miss the following: - parque san martin - rest. azafran - rest. 1884 (by francis mallmann) - rest. 'bistro M' (park hyatt, mendoza) - bodega catena zapata (looks like a mayan temple) enjoy!
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    Customer Service Position - Seeking Portuguese and German Speakers

    Hi maddo, are you still looking for a German speaker? Am Swiss and speak both fluently, Swiss and High German (and Portuguese too...). Is there any part time job available? Pls let me know. Cheers
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    Prepaid Cell

    Yep, definitely Movistar! Works for me since over 2yrs now. Even in the 'interior'... BTW: Claro is actually not a new company but a redesigned old 'CTI'...
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    Piso compartido international party!

    Couldnt go. Am stuck here in Montevideo. What a bummer! But its on my watchlist. There is always another time...
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    Taking the plunge - New to Bs As

    go to the quimbombo in palermo soho. u will go there and come back several times...!
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    matando tiempo

    hi everybody, I'm roger and from switzerland. living and jumping between bsas and montevideo (my work is in uruguay) since mid 2007. living with my argentine girlfriend in palermo. am looking for funny and cool people to share (and kill) some time through jogging, culture events, movies or bar...