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  1. Valentina

    Looking For Kangal Or Anatolian Shepherds...

    Am not sure of where is the proper place for such an inquiry but here it looking for a couple Kangal or Anatolian Shepherds and wonder what their going cost is in Argentina? Anyone have a good lead? Thanks in advance!
  2. Valentina

    Does Art Sell In Argentina?

    If so what kind is the most popularly bought? In some places art being not a necessity is not a good sell. Please advise!
  3. Valentina

    Is It Possible To Find Love In Argentina?

    Considering the differences in culture from US to Arg. what are the chances of finding love in Arg?
  4. Valentina

    Raw Milk?

    Is it possible to buy fresh raw milk in Argentina, or has it been outlawed there as well as the US?
  5. Valentina

    Is The Economy Dead In Argentina?

    Was told recently by a good friend of mine after telling him I was considering moving to Argentina that the economy is DEAD . Would you say this is true? How do things appear to you? Are you enjoying your life in Argentina?
  6. Valentina

    You Know You're In Argentina When.....

    To give a better idea of Argentinean culture thought it might be fun to get feedback from anyone willing to addition to the topic... B) Have fun! :D
  7. Valentina

    Hello Everyone! New To Baexpats

    Am new here and though I don´t live in Argentina at the moment have joined as am hoping I can get a better look at Argentina through your eyes before venturing out and deciding this is the place for my family. Hope to meet lots of awesome people!