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  1. deadlegs

    Changing 'old' £50 notes for new ones or other denominations of pounds.

    I have just come up against a new money change problem. It seems that the one place I need to do business with will only accept my pounds if they are the 'new' versions of the £50 pound note. The 'old' ones are still perfectly legal tender and will continual to be for a long time but this office...
  2. deadlegs

    is it possible for a husband to transfer property to wife?

    The wife has DNI and the husband doesn't. Is it possible to transfer the property deeds to the wife to help with the sales process of the house without incurring too many costs or would it be seen as the same as the husband selling the house to the wife?
  3. deadlegs

    Soft Play

    Does any one know of any good soft play areas for kids in Bs As? I'm not looking for a class just some where safe where the little one can have fun. Any thoughts much appreciated. thanks.:)
  4. deadlegs

    A variety of furniture for sale

    I set up a new business offering furniture for sale. It will be a mix of antique, retro and vintage pieces to suit all budgets. Please take a look at to see the things currently on sale. More items will be added as and when I come across gems. I am also...
  5. deadlegs

    Baby group - we don't seem to have had a new thread on this for a while.

    As the babies from the previous new mothers groups have obviously grown up quite a bit by now I thought it might be a nice thing to try and organise a new meet up for babys that are around 6 months to 1 year.(At that age they are interested in starting to socialise etc) If anyone is interested...
  6. deadlegs

    Pregnant women's meet up

    I'm 11/12 weeks pregnant with my first child and am still trying to figure everything out, not just about how the system works here but just generally how it all works. What scans come when, what health specialists you need etc etc. I noticed that there are often plenty of pregnancy questions...