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  1. stevec

    Domaine Bousquet Chardonnay Grande Reserve

    Hi all On the off chance: anyone happen to come across Domain Bousquet grande reserve chardonnay in their (local) travels? Had it in Mendoza and thought it great. Would like to pick up a few bottles. Haven't had any luck in stores so far, though haven't searched high and low. The only place...
  2. stevec

    Xmas Gifts For Building Staff

    Hello all K and I are planning to give a small Christmas gift to the doormen and cleaners in our building. Any cultural issues to consider? Wouldn't want to make people feel obliged to reciprocate. We're thinking a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. Or would money be more...
  3. stevec

    South American Sparkling Wine Rec's?

    Hello all Christmas approaching, what have you got in the way of sparkling wine recommendations? Anything dry and domestic that's worth a try? Failing that, best spot for imports? Or are they all prohibitively expensive?
  4. stevec

    Carrying Guitar On Aerolineas Flights?

    Hi all Anyone had experience taking a guitar as carry on with Aerolineas? Their website's ambiguous - may or may not be allowed in a soft case. The guitar's only a cheapie, so prepared to take my chances at the airport. Any tips (bribe the check in staff?) welcome. I don't even have a case for...
  5. stevec

    Apartment Recommendations In Lima?

    Hi all K and I are heading up to Lima for a couple of weeks. The prices for apartments on AirBnB are much higher than BA, which seems peculiar. Anyone have ideas about finding furnished short-term rentals? I found a peru expats board but they only seemed to have professional listings. We're...
  6. stevec

    All Blacks Tickets?

    Hola/Kia ora Anyone know if tickets for All Blacks v Pumas can be bought in person somewhere in BA? Thanks Steve PS: On the subject of rugby, Chiefs going to be riding some ponies this weekend.
  7. stevec

    Doctor's Letter Needed For Gym?

    Hi all, Quick query on gym-going: my guidebook says BA gyms may require a doctor's letter saying you're fit and healthy before they'll let you work out. Anyone encountered this? If relevant, I'm inclined towards grimy old-school gyms with a bunch of free weights rather than brightly-lit, sauna...
  8. stevec

    Wearing A Suit In Ba?

    Hola! I've been enjoying and learning from the forum; thanks all for your contributions. My girlfriend and I'll be spending a few months in BA (arriving mid-April). We're keen on arts and culture: concerts, art galleries, museums etc... The forum seems to have some contradictory reports...