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  1. NancyR

    Jazz Bar

    Hello to all. Any suggestions on a nice jazz bar for a Friday or Saturday night? Maybe we can organize and go as a group Thanks Nancy
  2. NancyR

    Coffee Creamer Anywhere?

    Hello everyone , Arrived from Miami almost 2 months ago, getting settled in. Cannot find coffee creamer anywhere (like International delights, etc). Does anyone know if is available anywhere? Love the coffee in shops, but miss creamer form home brew.. Thanks!
  3. NancyR

    Moving to BA in a few months - Visiting next week

    Hello to all, I will be relocating to Buenos Aires (from Miami) in a few months for work, but will be visiting and working there next week. Will be seeing apartments with relocation company as well. I will be there over the weekend (Jan 17- 25), so if there are any activities I would love to...