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    Parrilla Takeaway - It Was Great!

    I am a great fan of BBQ'D meat, always have been. However, I am sorry to say that on most occasions I find the beef poor and overcooked - sorry! BUT - on Saturday night I was taken for a take-out parrilla on Junin intersection Pacheco de Melo - it did not seem to have a name but has red awnings...
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    Some Balance Required From Some Forum Users...

    I am new to this forum. I am not new to expat forums or their moans and groans. It is all part of the course. It is also all part of the course to pay a little more than locals when you travel and I have traveled all over the world and spent time in the most godforsaken places due to work. I...
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    Gay Friends Coming To Ba What Should I Do With Them?

    I met two complete party animals in Brazil and stayed with them last year in London. Now they are visiting me at Easter and I want to know what I should do with them!!! They love partying, partying, partying and sleeping late!
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    Hello There!

    I am thinking of buying a property in Buenos Aires after I have been here for another six months and feel sure to prosper. My considerations are: One bed or two bed. If I bought a two bed, how much rent would I get from short term renters for a self contained set-up with a private bathroom. I...
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    Fervor - A Modern ''carbon'' And Grill - Expensive - Superb

    My best lunch. I was taken by a new friend and we shared half a seafood grill, followed by the best steak I have eaten in BA. The portions are large and its not cheap!! Definitely worth a visit if you are not travelling on a budget - Posadas 1519, y Callao.
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    La Olla De Felix

    Yesterday, I went to a quaint little (French-Argentine maybe?) bistro in Recoleta. The food was better than average, but the place, the ambiance and the English speaking owner made it an extremely nice evening. Ask what wine they have other than house, it was a poor Malbec. Go along, love it...
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    Womens Polo

    I have recently read a little on women's polo in Argentina and wonder where the most cost effective place is to learn. I think it's out of season now, but suppose there must be training fields all over place close to the city. Do any ladies play polo?
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    Renting Apartments In Pesos

    I have just extended my current apartment for one month. I have stayed in two locations over the last three months and finally decided on Recoleta (if possible), it's so easy to get to everywhere you need to be (for me). Kinda central in a funny way. I want to find somewhere for six months...
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    Recommendation - English Speaking Hairdresser

    When I arrived in BA from Peru, my hair was a mess. I both color and straighten my hair and have done so for 8 years. I recommend he's really professional and a very good hairdresser. It has been tough to find my feet in Buenos Aires and I picked up...
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    Where Can I Get Pesos To My Dollar Safely?

    I have brought dollars with me to Argentina. I want to know where I can change my money safely and legally at the blue rate. This strange situation is confusing. The places I have found in Recoleta and Alto Palermo have horrible rates. I only found out that you could do better from reading...