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  1. sam3g

    Departing from Ezeiza to fly to USA (March 2022)

    Anyone have experience entering Argentina? I heard they weren’t checking tests anymore and it would be one less thing to have to do before our flight.
  2. sam3g

    Dental Implants

    I had an implant done with Dr. Pelcman approximately five years ago, I believe I paid about U$700 (implant only, no crown). Upon arrival in the US, my dentist was totally unable to find the manufacturer of the implant (needed to find the correct tool to screw on the abutment). Dr. Pelcman...
  3. sam3g

    The Four Main Reasons Why It’s So Expensive To Fly In Argentina

    These points probably aren't surprising for most of us, but it is an interesting read nonetheless. -Lack of alternative airports -Near-monopoly in airport operations -Government restrictions -Powerful unions
  4. sam3g

    Buenos Aires-Santiago

    I've gone to Santiago via hitchhiking and airplane. Arriving via plane you have to pay the $150 reciprocity fee for US citizens.
  5. sam3g

    Scandal In The Universidad De Morón - Selling Diplomas

    It's difficult enough to apply for a job in an English-speaking country with "University of Idiot" on your resume. Thank you again, Argentine culture of corruption, for reducing the credibility of every. single. institution. Escándalo por la venta de títulos en la universidad de Morón...
  6. sam3g

    It's Too Expensive Here!

    Are people actually raising dollar-denominated prices in order to makeup for the peso inflation???
  7. sam3g

    Good Intensive Spanish Course In Ba. Where?

    Vamos Spanish has an intensive course, I believe. Located in Palermo area.
  8. sam3g

    How Many South American Countries Have You Visited?

    Peru (3x), Colombia (2x), Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruquay, and of course Argentina. Curacao and Panama as well if you think they count.
  9. sam3g

    Bolivian Visa

    I crossed through Uyuni, but they didn't stamp my passport at the Chilean border for some unknown reason. After realizing this, I attempted to get a stamp in Sucre AND Santa Cruz de la Sierra - neither would give me one without significant "contribution" (implied). A couple months later at...
  10. sam3g

    A Decent Parrilla In Recoleta Area?

    Juana M is my personal favorite in Recoleta
  11. sam3g

    Residencia Permanente In 2 Week Visit? Is It Even Possible?

    I suppose it is the romantic notion that we are invested in each other's countries. Certainly not for the tax benefits :lol: Her family will also be able to attend this ceremony this time around. Steve - great point about the US marriage. I was worried about having the ceremony immediately...
  12. sam3g

    Residencia Permanente In 2 Week Visit? Is It Even Possible?

    Thank you for the detailed info! What you mentioned about the FBI background check I hadn't thought about. Would they accept an FBI background check dated before I arrive in Argentina? I could theoretically commit a serious crime in the time between receiving the check and leaving the US.
  13. sam3g

    Jewellery Ring Resizing In Ba

    I bought a ring for proposal at Paul Rivoir on Calle Libertad. Excellent service and he did a great job of shrinking it down two sizes due to my horrible interpretation of finger girth.
  14. sam3g

    Residencia Permanente In 2 Week Visit? Is It Even Possible?

    This topic has been broached many, many times but I cannot seem to find the answer to my particular circumstance is this forum. If there is another thread with this information please forgive this repost. My beautiful wife and I are currently married in the US and will be returning to Argentina...
  15. sam3g

    Mercadolibre, A Problem

    I was once accidentally charged double on a Groupon (back in 2010). It took nearly a year and an email chain to Groupon U.S.A. to get the money refunded. By then I'd already lost 25% since I had paid in USD. Basically, good luck with that.
  16. sam3g

    House Call Masseuse?

    I think the masseuses that hang around Lago de Regatas make house calls. I'm sorry - but no one had hit this point yet so I thought I'd take advantage. :lol:
  17. sam3g

    Thinking Of Purchasing A Bici!

    I owned a Dahon Curve folding bike that I brought down from the US in 1 1/2 suitcases. Best decision ever, plus I made a hefty profit on it even after it being used for an entire year. I liked that I could carry it up the stairs (or fit it in the elevator, which wasn't an option with my...
  18. sam3g

    American Girlfriend And Argentinian Boyfriend

    An immigration lawyer is NOT necessary to get married and live in the US. If you are educated, determined, and have time to figure it all out you can do it yourself. Final cost will still be a few thousand dollars. I recommend you start familiarizing yourself with K1...
  19. sam3g

    Calling Toll-Free Number in Arg from Overseas

    I'm having (and have had) the same problem! Despegar US says that since the reservation was from Argentina, I can only change it by calling the Argentina toll free number (from Skype since I'm in the US). I found the answer on wikipedia, which says that... it's impossible. Los números no...
  20. sam3g

    Cost of dental braces in Argentina?

    I got an implant + abutment done by Pelcman in April this year for under $800US. He also had to extract the old tooth and give me a plastic one for the few days until the surgery. I'm having the crown made here in the US, and it's probably going to cost me more than the surgery!!