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  1. Sequoia1321

    What’s a good umbrella brand here?

    Looking for a good quality umbrella that I can pick up here that’s small enough to put in a backpack on rainy days. What’s the idea size they use here? I brought a good one with me from USA but I think it’s too heavy.
  2. Sequoia1321

    A nice coffee shop

    For now I found a nice coffee shop about 8 minute walk from where I currently live. It’s got an upstairs outdoor seating with lots of shade: BLACK RISTRETTO +54 11 5144-8527 Feels very safe, and I can enjoy the good weather. Every week I book a new...
  3. Sequoia1321

    Translation Service in BA

    Do you know of a good translation service that can do Spanish to English translation assistance, like when I need to call somewhere for example, they can do 2 way calling with me and help to translate?
  4. Sequoia1321

    Saliva Rapid PCR test in BA

    Last I checked there was a requirement to do s 2nd PCR test after you arrive in Argentina, between the 3rd and 7th day if I recall. Is that right? If so, do they have the saliva PCR test where you just spit into a vial, no nose or throat swap? That's how I got my PCR test in USA and it seemed...
  5. Sequoia1321

    Google FI internet speeds

    For some reason I still keep getting H or H+ speeds for Google Fi in my Recoletta Airbnb. Other places I’m getting LTE.
  6. Sequoia1321

    Diversion Safe/Hidden Cash Containers in BA

    Where can I find for sale a hollowed out book for storing cash and other valuables in BA? Looked for the real hollowed out books, not the generic Walmart kinds that aren’t real books. Or is there a shop where I can take a book and they can custom make it for me? Would like to keep my...
  7. Sequoia1321

    USA not listed in 48 hours affidavit

    I don’t see USA in the list of “Travel Document Issuing Country” dropdown here: Aren’t travelers from USA with a US passport supposed to fill out this form and select USA from the first dropdown?
  8. Sequoia1321

    Roku, Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire Stick in Argentina

    Which one of these work in Argentina, preferrably without having to connect it through a VPN? Also, which do you recommend?
  9. Sequoia1321

    How do you pay in Argentina?

    Do you need to use cash often or can you pay using some kind of card? Do many places require cash only? In the USA I hardly use cash, only have it as backup. Less weight to carry around and not having to worry about cash is nice. In fact now they have lots of places that accept contactless...
  10. Sequoia1321

    Argentinian Music

    What are some cool Argentinian bands? I listen to all kinds of music, from traditional, classic rock, electronic, pop, heavy metal, alternative, various languages, etc. Here is some taste of my music. Also, I hardly ever listen to the words in songs, even if they’re in a language I uderstand...
  11. Sequoia1321

    Attack of the giant rodents or class war? Argentina’s rich riled by new neighbors
  12. Sequoia1321

    Legality of Pepper Spray in Argentina, Buenos Aries

    What’s the legality of pepper spray in Argentina and Buenos Aries? Are there different laws in BA than other parts of Argentina? Does it matter the type of pepper spray and the chemicals in it? For example, this one...
  13. Sequoia1321

    Bringing food into the country from the US

    I have some favorite non perishable treats, such as chocolates, protein bars, specific brand of sleep tea that seems to work for me, etc., that I’m not sure I’ll easily find in BA, at least not at first, and was wondering if it might be a good idea to bring several months supply into the country...
  14. Sequoia1321

    What areas of BA have underground power lines?

    I was wondering in what areas of BA are the electrical grid wires underground rather than being on poles, above ground. Is there any plan to make them underground?
  15. Sequoia1321

    Taxes for USA Expats

    I was wondering under what situation might I owe tax in Argentina? If I live less than 6 months at a time do I owe taxes? What if during this time I do something that might be classified as working, for example, if I work on writing a book, and later, months or years later, make money from the...
  16. Sequoia1321

    Resource for Beginners Interested to Live in Buenos Aries

    I found a good Youtube channel about living in BA, and the content is relatively recent. Discusses finding a rental, culture, currency exchange, foods, etc. Feel free to add additional resources below. Thanks.
  17. Sequoia1321

    Falklands War 1982 Documentary

    What are your thoughts about this? Who was the bad guy in this? Could Argentina have won?
  18. Sequoia1321

    Bitcoin Documentary

    Some of it is taking place in Argentina.
  19. Sequoia1321

    Bitcoin in Argentina

    Read an article today about how Venazuelans are using more bitcoin because of their inflation. Was wondering how bitcoin is working in Argentina. Are people converting to it there to protect their wealth? Are they using it for transactions often? Do you have much experience with it? What's...
  20. Sequoia1321

    Chile vs Argentina: Whose military would prevail if it came to war?

    This is a recently released Youtube video I saw. Some thoughts came to mind after watching this: 1. What's the likelihood of some kind of conflict between Argentina and any other country? 2. Was concerned about the poor military capacity of Argentina. Seems like the military deteriorated...