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  1. medialuna989

    Infant visa overstay?

    I have a question on a tourist visa overstay (by a few weeks), for a baby. What might happen/ what are my options to avoid? Colonia visa run, paying the fine at the airport (or a gov. office in advance)? The parents won't have an overstay. Thanks!
  2. medialuna989

    Ezeiza - Plastic Wrap For Luggage - Cost?

    Does anyone know how much it is to wrap 1 bag in plastic wrap at Ezeiza (more or less)? Trying to figure out how many pesos I need to hold on to. Thanks!
  3. medialuna989

    Place For Fileteado Signs?

    Does anyone know a place/ person that makes fileteado signs (curly lines/ flowers)? Looking to get a small one personalized. Thanks!
  4. medialuna989

    Brand Rec's For Kitchen Appliances?

    Need to go shopping for a hot plate/ electric stove... any recommendations for reliable brands? Thanks!
  5. medialuna989

    Blue Dollar - Over

    Surprised there wasn't already a massive discussion on this - blue dollar ends Monday:
  6. medialuna989

    Reputable Children's Charity?

    Anyone know of legitimate charities for street children in the city (for donations/ possibly volunteering)? thanks
  7. medialuna989

    Rec's For Certified English Teacher?

    Anyone have recommendations for institutes/ individual teachers for English? The Argie bf (who's fluent in English, but wants to improve professional/ academic writing) is trying to track down a good teacher for a few months. Thanks!
  8. medialuna989

    Vegetarians - Heads Up

    Heads up to any fellow vegetarians - a few food items that have meat in them are a bit unexpected (I learned the hard way!): -Cookies - many have beef fat/ lard; read carefully -Veggie bullion/soup cubes - ditto on the beef fat; Maggi is meat-free but has msg
  9. medialuna989

    Girls Happy Hour- July 2- Us Embassy

    There's going to be a happy hour this Tues. to celebrate the 4th of July holiday that the U.S. Embassy is organizing. It's at 7pm at a Recoleta bar. Let me know if you want to join in - need to rsvp! I've been in the city a few months - like outdoor activities, chatting about politics/ travels...
  10. medialuna989

    Advice/ Cost Of Living - Ushuaia

    Looks like we're moving to Ushuaia (from BsAs)! Has anyone lived there - have advice about finding rentals/ cost of living/ best ski + hiking outtings? Advice about finding short-term rentals (while scouting out a long term place) would be much appreciated. Would be great to connect with folks...
  11. medialuna989

    Yoga Studio Reviews

    Haven't seen much on yoga on the forum; here are my 2-cents about what I've found over the past few weeks of trying out several classes around town. Would be great to hear what others have found! +BA Life Center (Alto Palermo): Yoga for English-speakers; variety of classes twice a day; beginner...
  12. medialuna989

    Kayak Rental In Tigre?

    Anyone know of a place in Tigre that rents out kayaks (by the hour/ half day) without needing a rowing certificate? Many thanks!
  13. medialuna989

    Gallery Nights - Thurs.

    The city gov. sponsors gallery nights every month in Microcentro/Recoleta (free art, vino, and revelrie). A bunch of Couchsurfers are going this Thurs. (May 9); figured I'd pass along the news here.
  14. medialuna989

    Joan Miró + Biking - Weekend Of May 18-19?

    There's a an exhibition of Joan Miró at the Lucy Mattos Musuem for the next 2 weeks - who wants to check it out? It's outside the city, between Belgrano and Tigre. Could bike there, get some excercise, and see art that'll soon go back to Barcelona. It's a 12km from Belgrano to the musuem...
  15. medialuna989

    Newcomers Museum Outing?

    I´m a few months into living in Buenos Aires, working on my masters degree and living here with the Argie boyfriend. Do other newcomers have interest in gathering to check out one of the many art museums in town in the early evening, next week? The ones on my to do list are MALBA, MAMBA, and...
  16. medialuna989

    Others With Interest In Social Science?

    This is a shot in the dark – I´m a social sci. grad student, living in BsAs, and doing research remotely for my university back home (in the U.S.). Would be great to find others with similar interests in how people make decisions, public policy, etc. If others are interested in taking a Social...
  17. medialuna989

    Where To Watch The State Of The Union?

    Anyone know of bars/other places to watch the state of the union next Tues? If anyone wants to join, let me know. Lived in DC for a few years, so don´t want to miss this star-studded event... Thanks in advance!
  18. medialuna989

    Where To Buy Printer Ink

    That isn´t 200 pesos? Or is it pretty much a fixed price around here? If worse comes to worse, I´ll take advantage of office printing, but figured I´d ask around
  19. medialuna989

    Tailor Or Dressmaker Req?

    Anyone know a good tailor/ seamstress/ dressmaker? Both for simple alterations and to make a dress. Thanks!
  20. medialuna989

    Dni Vs Residency?

    Starting reading into DNI and/ or residency requirements and quickly became confused. Hope to sort out a few things: +Is there a difference between DNI and residency? +Do you need a work visa before applying to either one? Is temporary residency also required? +If someone is living/working...