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  1. ehdcschu

    Vietnamese Food Anyone?

    is there room for one more?
  2. ehdcschu

    Soy Milk?

    Anyone know where to buy soy milk? I'v looked in most of the major grocery stores and no luck.
  3. ehdcschu

    Korean Food

    Went to Bi-won yesterday. Had the kalbi which was not very flavorful. It wasn't bad, but just ok. There were many different banchan which of course I love, but some of the quality was eh. Next will have to venture into Flores or Floresta
  4. ehdcschu

    Korean Food

    That is the thing with Korean food, because it hasn't become mainstream like chinese, japanese and thai food, most restaurants are authentic and cater to mostly koreans, but quality like anything else varies. Can you ask your relatives where I can stock up on some korean groceries? Why is flores...
  5. ehdcschu

    Cucina Sunae Anyone

    Hello I want to go to the closed door asian Cocina Sunae, but they only take reservations for two and I am on my own. Anyone interested in going for a nice asian dinner this thursday or next thursday at 8pm. PM me if you are interested.
  6. ehdcschu

    Horse Riding

    Anyone know where to go for reasonably priced horse riding lessons around BA? Not looking for an estancia experience, just want to learn to ride horses.
  7. ehdcschu


    Just emailed Magadalena's Party in Palermo- here's their scoop: November 29th - We have two shifts, two hours each. 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM. If you choose the first one, please know that you will need to leave the seat in two hours for the following shift. ###ENTRADA / PRINCIPAL### Salsa de...
  8. ehdcschu

    Any Problems Exchanging The New Us $100 Bills?

    I have some of the new bills and was wondering if there is any issue with exchanging them in BA.
  9. ehdcschu

    Korean Food

    Thanks for the tips. I have aspirations that korean BBQ made with argentine beef will be amazing. If anyone wants to make a trek out to flores, lets go! safety in numbers, right?
  10. ehdcschu

    Korean Food

    Anyone had any good Korean food in BA?
  11. ehdcschu

    Monthly Face To Face Book Club With Free Book Exchange!

    I am new to BA Expats and new to BA. Love book clubs so I will get started reading for this month's meeting.
  12. ehdcschu

    Coming To Ba

    Hello BAExpats Im headed to BA on Sunday. Primary goal is to be present and enjoy all the amazing things life has to offer and endure all the difficult things that life also has to offer. Going to BA in particular to learn tango. Also want to learn spanish, ride some horses, see some beautiful...