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    Happy Hour for Argentines who relocated back to Buenos Aires after living abroad

    Hello Everyone, This invitation is open to everyone but it refers to a previous posting that Porteña wrote about Argentines who lived abroad for many years and have now moved back to Argentina. There are quite a few of us on this website. We would like to organize an After Office/Happy...
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    Meet up for a drink??

    I just got back from Bariloche where I spent an amazing month doing all sorts of outdoor activities. I missed the ex-pat luncheon today but would like to meet some new people in Buenos Aires. I will be here until Mid-March. I am living in Palermo near Parque Las Heras. Anyone up for a drink...
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    Tango Classes in Buenos Aires

    I am spending the next couple of months in Buenos Aires with my family and I would love to learn Tango. Any suggestions?