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  1. nikad

    US citizens and Sputnik V Situation

    I wonder what will be situation of US Citizens living in Arg that were vaccinated with 2 Sputnik V doses? Will they be allowed to enter the US? Will they be required to get " proper " vaccines upon arrival to the US? Any ideas?
  2. nikad

    Anybody trying to fly out to get vaccinated and then return?

    I am more or less aware of current intl travel restrictions, but given the fact that my direct relatives fall within the groups that will get vaccinated, and myself will get vaccinated tomorrow ( healthcare worker ), I would really feel more at ease if my DH could get vaccinated too. He is an...
  3. nikad

    Stricter Border Controls

    This might be related to the recent issues some permatourists faced.
  4. nikad

    American Couple to Be Deported

    After attempted murder of their 16 day old baby
  5. nikad

    American Citizen Killed in San Juan

    Jesse Cieslicki, 37
  6. nikad

    Nov, Dec, Jan rt Buenos Aires - NYC 398usd non stop on United Airlines

    What the title says. If you want to spend the holidays with your family, it is a great deal!
  7. nikad

    Argentine stabbed in NYC Will they send him the check after?
  8. nikad

    Argentina Fatca Banking

    Hi! I just read online that some US expats holding DNIs and bank accounts in Argentina are being asked to provide your SSN Some expats say you do not have to give them anything, since it is Argentina banks who have signed the agreement but the country has not been able to implement it yet...
  9. nikad

    The Ucranian Kioskero

    BA Expat life story: Ucranian, metal head and proud kioskero: Meet Alexander :)
  10. nikad

    Argentine Art Gallery Owner Denied Entry Into Us
  11. nikad

    Arg-Usa Tax Information Exchangedeal Signed Today
  12. nikad

    Born In A Villa In Flores, Now Video Game Programmer

    Born in a villa he is a very young video game programmer.… Support his project
  13. nikad

    Intl Bank Transfers: Banco Piano Takes Advantage Of Expats

    I have been a member of this and other expat forums and groups for over ten years now. Before the " cepo " and money restrictions, I always recommended Banco Piano for international transactions, as they had a reputation for handling things well and being more open to expats' needs. I...
  14. nikad

    How Do You Bring $ To Buy Real Estate In 2016

    I am a bit outdated as to how you can bring money from abroad to buy property in Argentina with the current Macri administration. If buyer is a permanent resident with bank accounts in the country, etc what is the way to go? Transfer usd using banks? If using a cueva won't AFIP inquire about...
  15. nikad

    The Story Of 5000 Argentine Who Fought In Wwii

    Very interesting article ( Spanish )
  16. nikad

    Beef Jerky
  17. nikad

    Food Products Recalled, Dangeroys Bacteria
  18. nikad

    Anybody Following Denis Burns Custody Case? But...
  19. nikad

    No More Name Restrictions In The City Of Ba

    Now you can name your children anything you want, the only limitation is that the name must not hurt the child's honor or be offensive in any way:
  20. nikad

    Positive Post On Expat Life In Ba - Beware!

    Without getting into politics or economy matters, I was just thinking today how things changed for the good for a lot of expats in the last couple of years: Since I started posting on this forum about 9 years ago I now see that you can get: bagels, hot pastrami sandwiches, peanut butter...