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    Your Personal Crime Experience (Short Interview)

    Dear forum members, For a risk analysis of a company, I am looking for (expat) experiences with crime in the city of Buenos Aires. I am doing various short (telephone) interviews with witnesses or victims of different types of crimes. The interview consists of the interviewee describing the...
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    Alternatives To Colonia Express... Can I Pay In Pesos...

    I was supposed to go with CE to MVD because my flight to Europe leaves from there. I now am going with Buquebus and Seacat. You could take boat to Uruguay from Tigre? Maybe they do accept AR$?
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    I Need A Room!

    Thanks to all that sent me private messages concerning my quest for a new room. I have found something :)
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    Studying Spanish Low Cost In Buenos Aires- Recommendations?

    Or you can go to the 'lenguas vivas' institute on Carlos Pellegrini where you pay about 200 AR$ for four months of Spanish classes (2 hours twice a week).
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    Coffee Price Up 300% Higher Than London Or Ny..!!

    Or in very normal middle class barrios like Almagro, Caballito and Chacarita....
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    I Need A Room!

    Hey all, I'm a male foreign correspondent about to turn thirty and I'm looking for a place to stay for at least 6 months (preferrably longer). I'd prefer to rent a room in a shared appartment/house with other professionals and/or students (if not too rowdy ;)). I love barrio's like Almagro...
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    Argentine Tv

    >> Periodismo Para Todos (but skip the first hour as it has zero content and really bad comedy) (Canal13) >> En el Camino (TN) >> Bajada de Línea (Canal 9) >> Canal Encuentro (some of its programming is highly politicized though) >> Same goes for TV Pública, but they have some nice music...
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    Uploading Various Gigabytes At A Time (Service Needed)

    Hey all, I'm looking for a professional service that allows me to upload big video files (various gigabytes) in a reasonable timespan. Does anyone know of a service that I can incidentally contract for this kind of job? Saludos, R.
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    Cfk, The Pope And The Letter...

    I'm no fan of CFK, but I find it rather unfair that she gets butchered by the local press for failing to uphold protocol. That same press that lauds Francisco for his informal approach to holding papal office.
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    Hi from a Dutch girl!

    Als je vragen hebt kun je me altijd een PM sturen. Woon er op dit moment niet meer, maar wel een tijd gewoond en regelmatig "op bezoek". Groeten!
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    Should we Brits be keeping a low profile?

    I don't think Brits should keep a low profile. They should voice their opinion as they please. Argentines will simply have to deal with the fact that they have no say over the Falklands and that they probably never will. They're not able to run their own country, let alone these islands. If...
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    Soccer Fan has arrived

    Except for Boca matches, the best way to secure tickets is to simply go to the stadium a few days in advance and buy your tickets directly from the club itself. Usually the team's website announces when tickets go on sale. Sports daily Olé also has a section on its website on how to get tickets...
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    Argentine films ( The best )

    El Bonaerense Historias Mínimas Carancho
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    Is it all that bad? Please say it isn't!

    Header, als je wil kan ik wel wat vertellen over mijn ervaringen als Nederlander in Buenos Aires. :)
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    internet on iphone prepago with PERSONAL

    There is no intersection where N Alem and San Martín meet (they run parallel). There is a Personal sucursal at Reconquista and Marcelo T de Alvear.
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    Real lattes, cappuccinos, etc.

    About 1 Kg a year, compared to 6Kgs of Mate...
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    Real lattes, cappuccinos, etc.

    Argentines do not drink a lot of coffee in general, but I find the regular coffee that is served in most lunch rooms rather acceptable. I do not like Starbucks because the coffee is rather weak and it is ridiculously expensive ($20 for a cup of coffee... really?!?). I simply do not get why...
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    Aerolineas, we're through

    I simply do not understand how someone can justify running a company that loses about 700 million dollars a year with taxpayers money. Especially when that company is providing a service that only the wealthy can afford to use. Imagine what the government COULD do with 700 million dollars a...
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    Bus: Direct Bus from Iguazu to Mendoza

    Unless you're a resident (so have a discount w/ Aerolíneas and Austral) and compare it to the most expensive variant of bus travel (full cama), long distances busses aren't more expensive than flying...