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    Cleptocrat Umm I Mean Democrat Princess Corruption

    I thought you liked TYT this is my favorite episode so far, but I'm sure Cenk will giggle nervously even more in the coming months.
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    What'$ Happening In Bueno$ Aire$ ?

    Recoleta runs from Coronel Diaz N to Callao S. That's technically Retiro, very much downtown, not a residential neighborhood anymore. Walk past the RR stations towards the bus terminal and you'll see the reason for those garage doors (use google street view for a safer experience) the price of...
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    Punta Del Este As Exclusive Seaside Resort

    Water temperature can be higher in Las Grutas than in Pinamar, because it's inside an inlet, where water has more time to warm during the summer. Uruguayan coasts (the Golden Coast, Costa Dorada, Montevideo-Pocitos to Punta Ballena-Punta del Este) became popular because they are the closest...
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    So What Is It Like Over There.

    If the rich represent only 10 or max 20% of the population, how come 50% voted for the current president? The geographical distribution of the vote speaks volumes. Finally some sort of geographical political identity has emerged akin to what exists int he US with the inland red states and...
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    Punta Del Este As Exclusive Seaside Resort

    The coast of Brazil South of Santa Cararina (Tropics) and the coast of Argentina North of Patagonia (brrrr!!!) Are both very uniform and desertic with almost no accudents, no bays, inlets or natural harbors. Mar del Plata is on the most dramatic natural feature on the Argentine Template coast...
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    All Politics Is Local. And International.

    Yes indeed, but on a closer look, if one discards The Donald as the brilliant hoax, or senile stunt, he represents, the other R candidates are not actually so bad: What's SOOO wrong about Carly for instance? One could say she's not offensive enough, but she proved us all wrong with her...
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    All Politics Is Local. And International.

    I don't agree; Kasich for instancr is much more of a traditional fasci. The fact that his Christian Third Position doesn t resoud ia due to thesad reality that the audience is at this poit trained to only respond to TV style "charisma" which may mean yelling offenses. All apple products Ive...
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    All Politics Is Local. And International.

    He's playing a role! Likely for Hill'ry's benefit, or not, but he's playing a role and he probably has no interest whatsoever in taking the highest office - and if there was one man powerful enough to sabotage/rig a US election with impunity would be him. How many times does he have to...
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    All Politics Is Local. And International.

    Really, more than any token American Blue State? I guess you mean it takes one to know one
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    Ocean/river Swim?

    I've fallen in the waters of the Delta while stand up canoeing and honestly it was refreshing and quiet nice in the summer. The water they drink or cook with in the Bayou Portenio of the Delta del Tigre is sometimes filtered using the same mud that turn those canals waters brown. After all it's...
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    Netflix - No More Proxy

    I don't know if it's legally and morally comparable, or even the same as using proxies, but with current speeds downloading a show via torrnt, watching it, and then erasing it (to free space) works pretty much in the same way as streaming and perhaps even offers more variety (I just...
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    Democrats Abroad In Argentina For Bernie Sanders

    a) now that Rand and Carly have been thrown to the dustbin, I must agree... Kasich is the definition of a benevolent fascist.... Carson acts defeatist, and the Hispanic/Canadian candidates, I don't know what to think of them but Rubio addressed some problems that come with the technological...
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    Democrats Abroad In Argentina For Bernie Sanders

    The two most sensible (R) candidates have been excluded from the next Debate, Rand Paul (Libertarian leaning) and Carly Fiorina (sensible, more mainstream). This is a real bad sign. It makes one think that the Don'd really is a Clin'tn plant or false flag.... At this point I don't know whether...
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    Brazil Heads For Worst Recession Since 1901 Optimism Arg

    In Argentina that is not a privilege seen as exclusive to Brazil, like sugarcane it also exists, albeit in less competitive proportions. In Uruguay you could begin selling built up real estate to China. I hope Trump's investment in Punta will alert both parties.
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    China Town Remodel Is Done

    Taiwan is part of the Free Western World, and was under a right wing military dictatorship until recently. B.A.'s Taiwanese Chinatown reflects the diversity and joy of life that comes with that system, the one Macri would like to favor. Notice how the corner shop chino grocers don't carry any...
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    Interesting Article About Air Nz Starting Ar Service.

    I bet you are, So you change planes in H.K and Changi on your way to Manila and Bangkok?
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    China Town Remodel Is Done

    This is great. The sidewalks got very congested next to the chicken fried shrimp stands. Will they make it entirely pedestrian during the weekends? Notice since it's a Taiwanese neighborhood Macri has a "Gorilla" geopolitical reason for investing in it.
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    Moving Soon To Palermo

    How I wish that drunken post of mine had been deleted as requested. I reiterate my apologies. Richie was chastising me by intentionally confusing me with a Matias member who we re all specially fond of and now calls himself 90000+.
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    Shiseido One Time Mule

    Thank you! I expect you wouldn't give me similar advice in Seattle
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    Kids Bjj Class (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

    I hear there are plenty children BJ schools in Bangkok