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    Ginés González García

    This nut case has been giving his opinions to Fernandez since the onslaught. In any other administration he would be forced to step down or resign. Here, he is still in his same position and consulted,and nobody questions his theory 6 months later. INCREDIBLE!!!
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    HealthCare for Expat moving bach USA

    I've been living in Argentina since 2001. I will be moving back to the USA Jan. 2021 (finally). Does anybody have any suggestions about a tourist health care I can obtain until I settle in and get a job or sign up for Obama care? I will still have a residence (DNI) in Argentina but I'm a USA...
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    Traveling to the USA with cash

    Due to a recent sell of property I will be traveling to the USA with more than $10,000 dollars. I know the risks this involves and have taken some precautions. Does anybody have advice as how I inform USA Customs prior to boarding the plane with this amount? Is there a form I need to fill at...
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    President Fernandez

    If I were in his shoes, I would be very careful of an accident or fatal poisoning. Hopefully he won't commit suicide like Nisman.
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    Showing you DNI to authorities.

    I'll probably be treated la a dictator for saying this.. But now a days showing your DNI to the police is a great idea to help purge law offenders.
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    Price is Right with a transvestite

    I know that Argentina is a "liberal" country, but come on.....11:00 am in the morning with children all over..... Another sign of a sick society !
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    Importing a car from the USA

    Hello all! Has anybody had the experience of importing a car from the USA? I have been living here for over 10 years and want to bring a car from the USA . Is it difficult? Any recommended websites would be appreciated. Thanks