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  1. sam3g

    The Four Main Reasons Why It’s So Expensive To Fly In Argentina

    These points probably aren't surprising for most of us, but it is an interesting read nonetheless. -Lack of alternative airports -Near-monopoly in airport operations -Government restrictions -Powerful unions
  2. sam3g

    Scandal In The Universidad De Morón - Selling Diplomas

    It's difficult enough to apply for a job in an English-speaking country with "University of Idiot" on your resume. Thank you again, Argentine culture of corruption, for reducing the credibility of every. single. institution. Escándalo por la venta de títulos en la universidad de Morón...
  3. sam3g

    Residencia Permanente In 2 Week Visit? Is It Even Possible?

    This topic has been broached many, many times but I cannot seem to find the answer to my particular circumstance is this forum. If there is another thread with this information please forgive this repost. My beautiful wife and I are currently married in the US and will be returning to Argentina...
  4. sam3g

    US Health Insurance for Argentine Visitors

    Hey all, My fiancee is coming to the US on her tourist visa until we have a date at the US Embassy in BA for her Fiancee visa interview. She has bought travel insurance, but it only covers her for 2 months of travel at a time. We plan on being in the US up to 6 months, and I don't want her to...
  5. sam3g

    Interesting rip off by a forum user - mercadolibre

    I'm selling my great Dahon bicycle on another post, and haven't gotten any message about it as of yet. I go to post it on mercadolibre, and what do I see? Someone else has posted MY BICYCLE with MY SHADOW. I appreciate it if you are trying to find any buyers, but the bicycle is still in my...
  6. sam3g

    Moving Sale! Bicycle, TV, PS3, Furniture, etc!

    Hi Everyone, We are moving in a month and I want to sell everything. I haven’t taken inventory of it all but the most important items are the following: Dahon D3 Curve folding bicycle – I bought this last year in the US and it is in really good condition. 3 speed internal gears and will fit...
  7. sam3g

    Used auto parts? (Stolen wheel)

    Getting sick of this country. We parked our Renault Stepway outside our place in Bajo Belgrano. Somebody punched in the hatch lock (ruined) and stole the spare tire. Nothing fancy, just a black steel wheel. They didn't even bother stealing the radio. Two months ago someone jacked the car up...
  8. sam3g

    Classic Bullsh*t (rant warning)

    My girlfriend called to cancel our sub-par DSL service with Arnet yesterday after repeated problems. They put her on hold/ transferred for 40 MINUTES before finally saying that they had "system problems" and could not process her cancellation. I jokingly said "they probably just want to hold...
  9. sam3g

    Temporary Offices in BA? Searching for a cube.

    I know that in Minneapolis the ´temporary office´thing started springing up a few years ago. Basically just a big room where one could rent a cubicle and have high speed internet and maybe a coffee, and socialize during breaks. I remember seeing one in Palermo near Scalabrini Ortiz. Does...
  10. sam3g

    Lawyer / Abogada - auto accidents, etc Traffic accident / Accidente transito

    Hi all, I thought I would let you know that my girlfriend is a traffic accident lawyer who is accepting new clients. She is experienced and from living with her I can attest that she is very professional, fair, and will get the job done (with the highest payout possible). If you have suffered...
  11. sam3g

    Visa to bring fiance to the USA? K1,K3, B2

    Hey all, I´m trying to figure out the best way to bring my Argie to live with me in the US. I am starting to realize that getting a work visa may be almost impossible and so have come to the conclusion that it is faster, easier, and less expensive to get married. Does anyone have personal...
  12. sam3g

    Immigration visa TO the U.S. for an Argentine?

    Hello, I have finally convinced my Argentine girlfriend to move to the US with me. We have an interview scheduled in September at the US embassy for a tourist visa, with which we plan to visit my family in December. If she likes the idea, we will then apply for a work visa (I'm not ready to...
  13. sam3g

    DNI LIST (the queso grande of all DNI questions for US citizens)

    Hello all, I apologize if this subject has been beaten to death, but I have ran into more than 3 yanks at the US embassy with absolutely no clue on how to obtain temporary residency / DNI. When I receive my antecendente penal from Piedras tomorrow I am going to reserve a turno at Migraciones...
  14. sam3g


    I just got back from Venezuela with my Argentine girlfriend. For a month we traveled the coast from Caracas to Colombia. I know most of SA, (minus Brasil and Ecuador) and Venezuela has been my LEAST favorite country. The exchange rate is rigged by the government, so unless you want to pay...
  15. sam3g

    Locksmith ripoff? Cerrajero malo?

    Hello all, I recently moved into my Argentine girlfriends small apartment in Palermo. I had stayed there before but I never really realized how long I'd be in this city. About a week ago, the skeleton key (normal type here) ceased to function for the door. The problem was that we were...