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  1. nikad

    How do you (expats) make friends with Portenos other than dating them and being invited into their social circle?

    What do like Fiscal? What do you do with friends back in the US? How did you meet? With more info we can give you better ideas. My friends, some are from school ( elementary, high school and university ) others I met taking language classrs, others I met at work, then a few online, some from...
  2. nikad

    Sergio Massa

  3. nikad

    Security Deposit Return

    Your best bet is a local that will " speaks their language " if you know what I mean. For a %. Otherwise consider it lost
  4. nikad

    Security Deposit Return

    How did you f8nd the property? Realtor, platform?
  5. nikad

    Male underwear issue
  6. nikad

    Male underwear issue
  7. nikad

    Male underwear issue

    If you like boxer shorts that are not tight,look for " tela camisera " fabric. They are more expensive. Kevingston used to carry the non stretchy tight ones.
  8. nikad

    Airline ticket prices

    I will add they have the rudest most uneducated flight attendants I have ever experienced. Even in business class. In coach they even yell at you...they are a disgrace. Filthy seats add to the experience. Flagship.... In spite of some mess ups and delays I would take Latam or Delta without...
  9. nikad

    Airline ticket prices

    Same example as above, 250000 pesos if you pay with your foreign, say American credit card you will be actually paying 1824 usd ( 137 official usd rate )
  10. nikad

    A bonus when lawyer does a good job ?

    A lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, these are all professionals and it is unethical for them to accept or request tips, based on their code of honor. I strongly suggest not doing it. If they do a very good job, you can make him a nice gift, but tipping is a big no imho.
  11. nikad

    Airline ticket prices

    As far as I know, the best deal is to buy your plane ticket here in pesos or using an Arg credit card / debit card. That way you then get dollars at the WU rate and it should save you 25% on the total. Paying with a foreign card is not good as it is charged at the official rate in dollars. There...
  12. nikad

    Best fixed price lunch menus?

    @RichOne, you always mention most places in my area, I have the feeling we are neighbors ;)
  13. nikad

    Caja fuerte in a bank

    This is not true.
  14. nikad

    How good of a private school is Lincoln?

    I don't know about these schools you mention. I can only tell you that Lincoln in Belgrano is not related to Lincoln La Lucila in any way. The one in La Lucila follows the US school calendar and curriculum, most children that attend have parents working for embassies, etc.
  15. nikad

    How good of a private school is Lincoln?

    You mean Lincoln in Belgrano o r La Lucila?
  16. nikad

    Silver Plating

    I was going to mention this very same place. It has been around for at least 50 years and the work they do looks amazing.
  17. nikad

    Divorcing an argentinan

    Where are you guys from? Cultural background is important as there might be things she is not reading correctly ( or you )
  18. nikad

    Divorcing an argentinan

    Any income or registered property that was generated or acquired while you were married is to be split 50/50 as a general rule. Get a trustworthy lawyer.
  19. nikad

    Obra social vs prepaga

    Some of monotributo components are optional, that is why I used the term eligible. In certain situations, such as when a person has a registered job, but enrolls as monotributista to be able to run a different activity and invoice. Also, when you are formally retired, you can still work under...
  20. nikad

    Obra social vs prepaga

    You are welcome,best of luck!