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    Limits on sale of tickets to exterior

    just looked at an apartment on the water 75 sq metros one bedroom 107.000 us 200 a month all inclusive , bldg expenses, gas, elect, cable, and water in santa marta. its calm down here. exchange at 4000 to one
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    Limits on sale of tickets to exterior

    rich one. thanks for the insite. can’t believe anybody would think thats a good idea if you want dollars coming through tourism. in colombia now. they are worried about petro. cant come close to argentina.
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    Limits on sale of tickets to exterior

    talk about shooting yourself in the foot. oh i am sorry sir you can’t buy a round trip ticket. argentina is limiting flights out of the country. oh and the casas de cambio arent open any more. you can only exchange through government approved offices or banks at our new rate. give me a break...
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    Best translation of “ tranquilo todo se va a acomodar, tené fe !!”

    always good to hear from mckenna tambien
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    Jill Biden calls Latinos ‘breakfast tacos’

    played golf with someone in the group heard that Bolsonario was a nice person and china was using brazil to expand their belt and road agenda. whoa
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    Jill Biden calls Latinos ‘breakfast tacos’

    gracias johnny. its hard to keep up with disinformation campaigns. por el amor de Dios
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    Jill Biden calls Latinos ‘breakfast tacos’

    isn’t RT a russian news service? just asking
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    What is CCL? Why wait to make transfers?

    commerical credit line. used by the IMF. whew 😓. thought i would never understand another acronym
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    Current covid entry requirements?

    thanks for the info. i am on medicare and don’t think i am covered. travel insurance for medical is reasonally cheap. i always figured i would just use the free medical available, stablise, and fly home. covid changed that. humm. probably need a 10,000 deductible policy for the future. i am 68...
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    Reliable transportation from the city to EZE?

    in january i used radio taxi. it cost 25.00 and was on time. most like to go to get a return fare
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    Got shouted at on first border hop at the Buquebus terminal in BA

    my 700.00 lesson is, dont travel on the weekends, the b team is working
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    Got shouted at on first border hop at the Buquebus terminal in BA

    americas, it looks like your trying to get answers that don’t consistently exist. immigration officers interpet the laws differently and apply them as they see fit. it happens around the world. argentina is no different. just have a backup plan like an attorney’s number. mis dos centavos. good luck
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    Any change on entrance requirements to argentina?

    its official. ny times has an article today “ the us will lift a virus testing mandate for international air traverlers on sunday” finally
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    Any change on entrance requirements to argentina?

    i was in a US airport yesterday picking up my colombian girlfriend of 15 years. no mask requirements on the flight or in the airport. it looks probable that antigen tests will go away on june 15
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    Summary of how to use Western Union in 2022

    thanks redpossum. i’ve never used it but it helps to know the transaction is intiated in the US.
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    China visa from Chinese embassy in BA

    if they think you are a spy or dissident, saying anthing negetive about the government, you are put in jail with no bail option and trial is set in a year.
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    China visa from Chinese embassy in BA

    just curious secretshopper, why would you risk going to china with all thats going there. did some business there in the early 2000,s. have friends in shipping in hong kong leaving for the safety of their family. they have been there over 20 years. 21 day quarantine upon arrival.
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    Claro in the US

    if tmobile is claros roaming service, t mobil works get for me in the US
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    Traveling to BA - Covid Requirements

    so did i get this right? no test if you show complete vaciation cards upon arrival. you need covid 19 coverage on health plan. ddjj 48 hours before.
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    Does anything happen to your bank account when residency expires?

    when hsbc closed my account, property owner no residency, the bank explained gor the amount of money it was not worth the paperwork th US requested.