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  1. PhilinBSAS

    Which Buenos Aires Building First On Your List To Go?

    Glasgow 2014: Red Road flats demolished for opening ceremony Blocks of flats which have been part of Glasgow's skyline for almost 50 years will be blown up as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. The original eight 30-storey tower blocks housed more than 4,000 people and were once...
  2. PhilinBSAS

    Why Do People Bother To Put Stuff Up On Here?

    Just wondering :confused:
  3. PhilinBSAS

    Anyone From Or Who Knows Detroit

    We have seen the pictures. http://www.doobybrai...n-google-earth/ Question is Detroit really as bad as some images/photo journalists portray? Makes Buenos Aires's notorious Rust Belt look tame. I was reading this (community led regeneration)...
  4. PhilinBSAS

    Anthem For Our Times

    All this talk about fraternal convivialities and pic-nics and what sorts it occurs to me that no one has yet come up with an appropriately jolly but apt music rendition that best sums up the happy community that we all know we are I havn't a definitive on this but the following is a good start...
  5. PhilinBSAS

    Good Morning Buenos Aires

    I flew into Aeroparque on Monday evening after a week+ abroad. The magic of the city when seen from above on a clear night was so impressive when I first came here 13 years ago. and I have to say that after 13 years of returning back to this mad, bad, sad town I have to say that the buzz of...
  6. PhilinBSAS

    Auld Lang Syne

    for sassanachs like me here are the words - still a few hours left to learn and hopefully not look a total prat tonight Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne! For auld lang...
  7. PhilinBSAS

    Buenos Aires Must Be A Fine Example Of Modern Capitalism

    It's official! Google says so. 'Google boss: "I'm very proud of our tax avoidance scheme" - Google's Chairman Eric Schmidt said £2.5 billion tax avoidance 'is called capitalism'' Your 'Capitalism' is doing very well in Argentina Eric...
  8. PhilinBSAS

    Running Shoes

    Can anyone recommend a running shoe supplier who knows what they are about? My running shoes have done their last and I should have replaced them before I'm looking for running shoes for up to 10k and a supplier who can diagnose underpronation/supination etc - preferably qualified or linked...
  9. PhilinBSAS

    Keynes Vs. Hayek: To Tax And Spend Or Not

    In a hole and want to get out? Or keep digging? Simple question - so what is the simple answer. For all those who consider there isnt enough informed opinion on here about these two great economists of the 20th C and fancy they may enjoy half an hour of contrasting and illuminating debate...
  10. PhilinBSAS

    Christmas she be a cummin'

    Goodness 25 October already. Not many shopping days left Very soon time again for me to be flying south ...... ...... like the Manx Shearwater (Puffinus puffinus) born July 1953 and estimated to have covered over 1,000,000 km flying from the British Isles to Argentina and the south...
  11. PhilinBSAS

    Cristina says "abandon ship"

    but so far only if you are a Cadet in Ghana - suggest that everybody else forms an orderly queue http://www.buenosair...-leave-libertad in the meantime Superman is to fly at the speed of light - under orders from Mrs K - to hold an urgent meeting with the Security Council at UN Headquarters...
  12. PhilinBSAS

    Franchise for 16 and 17-year-olds - and letting people decide

    That's sorted then. Details of Scotland's 'most important political decision in 300 years' "Under UK referendum legislation which is policed by the [UK Electoral] commission, Holyrood will be allowed to extend the vote to 16 and 17 year olds for the first time in a major vote in the UK. The...
  13. PhilinBSAS

    White House agrees with Casa Rosada about Vultures

    Apologies if this has already been covered in a post but I did a quick search and couldn't find any reference and I felt the need for a ludicrous slightly mischievousness eye-catching headline also. I'm in UK at the moment but feel the need to check up on the Ex Pat website from time to time to...
  14. PhilinBSAS

    Is this Buenos Aires? The new Europeans

    Argentine Indy well presented video suggests that just winging and moaning isn't universally shared by all Ex-Pats. Maybe there is a cycle with some ex-pats just getting nostalgic about the...
  15. PhilinBSAS

    Who pays taxes?

    A sum larger than the entire USA $21tn in assets has been lost to global tax havens. If taxed, that could have been enough to put parts of Africa back on its feet – and even solve the euro crisis. Rampant...
  16. PhilinBSAS

    US base fracas exposes Argentine vulnerability

    Seems the Caudillo of Chaco*, provincial governor Jorge Capitanich went off message big time but now back in the Cristina fold: Says Nikolas Kozloff of Aljazeera "... it seems that, while Washington's position in the wider region has suffered as of late, US diplomats will nevertheless be able...
  17. PhilinBSAS

    Happy Friday 13th!

    How far have you gone native with your superstitions? Have you forgotten Fri 13? Are you now totally zoned into next Tuesday 13th? Like Argentinians, other Spanish speaking people and, apparently Greeks. Watch out then for November later this year Or did you stay in bed for as long as...
  18. PhilinBSAS

    !Vecinos! Separate your rubbish for the cartoneros

    Thoughtful advice from The Indie with immediate practical benefits! : Separate your rubbish for the cartoneros "Urban recyclers, known as cartoneros, do a wonderful job for very little income. Help them by separating your rubbish. Get to know the ones that pass by your door and ask them what...
  19. PhilinBSAS

    Unleash the Chaos

    Another TV advert filmed mainly in Buenos Aires this one for deodorant Guess what its called? "Unleash the Chaos" :eek: Irony I love. Especially when not intended :D Final scene is waterfront of NY?