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  1. deadlegs

    This Is An Act Of War

    This is nothing more than a football style chant. Come on where is your sense of humor! That was one of the best bits! Have you never watched Father Ted. All the priests are on the 'pop'.
  2. deadlegs

    This Is An Act Of War

    What is so offensive about that? Its just a bit of banter against the Brazilians. I thought it was quite funny.
  3. deadlegs

    Spike In Blue Rate

    On the paralelo people seem to be actually getting more like $8.1 if you are selling realtively small numbers of us$. under 1000. These very high exchange figures are only for those that are changing huge numbers.
  4. deadlegs

    20% Surcharge For Travel

    Yesterday I bought an airline ticket in cash pesos from EZE to CDG (Paris) at the air france office. I paid the flight cost + us$50 (at the official exchange) fee for paying at the office. I walked to the bank and paid by direct bank deposit i.e. I paid cash into the Air France account) The chap...
  5. deadlegs

    Argentine citizenship for foreigners?

    As a bolivian you need a visa whereas as an Argentine you dont and to apply as a Bolivian you have to apply in person at the embassy in La Paz. As she lives in Buenos Aires that isnt easy.
  6. deadlegs

    Argentine citizenship for foreigners?

    Bajo2cero, My maid is from Bolivia but she has lived in Argentina for more than 40 years. She went to Migraciones yesterday to be told that she cannot apply for Argentine citizenship or a Passport as she isn't married to an Argentine. Her 4 children were all born here. She has a permanent DNI...
  7. deadlegs

    Big/tall Size Clothes?

    There is a shop called 'Big and Tall' on the corner of Santa Fe and Malabia. They are a chain. Good luck
  8. deadlegs

    Flight Ticket Prices For Foreigner With A Dni (Extranjero)

    i just read the rules and my understanding is that you need residency (which you have until aug) and proof of address. so with your dni and a certificado de domicilio (por la dudas) you will be fit to fly. also cponsider that they are only going to give your docs a cursory glance. stick your dni...
  9. deadlegs

    Flight Ticket Prices For Foreigner With A Dni (Extranjero)

    with a DNI you have permanent residency. that means you qualify. I am doing the same journey with my DNI on Monday
  10. deadlegs

    Exporting hassles small and large scale

    Steve, please could you outline the steps for me? I'm looking to export some argentine art and also some British pieces that I brought with me in my suitcase when I first arrived but that I didn't declare etc. none are particularly valuable to anyone but me. Any advice much appreciated.
  11. deadlegs

    dance/rhythm/movement classes for children?

    there is gymboree here. they have a place in palermo hollywood amongst others.
  12. deadlegs

    Renting A Motorhome (Ba- Entrerios)

    Try Cristian is a lovely and very helpful guy with the full range of campers available.
  13. deadlegs

    Little Rant

    They broke mine to fit a new water main tap in Palermo but came and fixed the pavement again within 3 days. If they don't come you need to contact them to place a formal complaint. They are a lot better these days than they were.
  14. deadlegs

    Palermo Hotel For Visiting Parents?

    Have a look at it is a lovely b&b in Palermo soho with rooms costing between us$110 to us$150.
  15. deadlegs

    Bici Wanted

    Hi I'm in Palermo. Swing by and take a look.
  16. deadlegs

    Bici Wanted

    Hi Sarah, I have an old one for sale. It needs two new tyres and a bit of TLC but it has a basket and with a bit of love it'll be back on the road. Only asking $200 pesos. Let me know if your interested. Zoe
  17. deadlegs

    Christmas 2012

    In case anyone is interested tomorrow from 11 to 7pm is the annual Christmas fair at the British ambassadors residence in recoleta. Carols, Santa, gifts etc all on show. It should help to get you in the spirit. $15 peso entrance charge plus you need to bring id.
  18. deadlegs

    Where to donate used clothes?

    It seems that in comparison with the very sorry state of the majority of elderly care homes here in Argentina that the residents of BABS have a very nice time. Your donations would probably do more direct good by donating them to one of the church charities who work with the elderly in state care.
  19. deadlegs

    Sending stuff home

    I recently had a quote to send 5m3 from buenos aires to the uk door to door the quote was us$4000 less if you picked it up from the depot. A 20ft container was us$8500 door to door.
  20. deadlegs

    Link to CFK Harvard event.

    Thank you to TN for showing the first Cristina speech that I actually enjoyed watching and well done students for some good questions.