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  1. cheshire_cat

    Looking for a Personal Trainer (Palermo/Belgrano area)

    Hello, I'm a local, female, and I live in the southern area of Gran Buenos Aires. I'm looking for a personal trainer, male or female, English speaker (native), qualified and experienced. I want to train in the Bosques de Palermo (preferrably in the Belgrano section), as I really love the...
  2. cheshire_cat

    Sort of lonely

    I'm a local, I was married for 5 years, I work as a tutor at a language school and I teach English, French (basic) and Italian (beginners). As Lennon (John, not Neil, lol) would say, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" so here I am, it's weird to find myself like...
  3. cheshire_cat

    Cottage cheese?

    Hi people, any idea of where to buy cottage cheese in BA (anywhere in BA)? There used to be a brand in Argentina, Mendicrim, but when it was sold to another company, they gave up producing it. I wish I could taste cottage cheese again... Don't send me any recipes, please, I s--k as a cook! :D...
  4. cheshire_cat

    Hi there

    Hey guysz! I'm a female, in my late 30s. English isn't my native tongue, but I can speak both English and Spanish fluently, as well as a little Italian. And I'm also learning Irish on my own. I'm a tutor in a language school, south of Buenos Aires. Well, I've just found this site and I...