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    Web-Domain-Email Specialist

    I am having some trouble with my website/domain and connected email, and I would like an expert to have a look at it. Any recommendations? thanks
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    repair iphone-glass

    My daughter has dropped her iPhone 4s (with protecting cover) and the screen is in 1,000,000 pieces. Anyone know of a place to repair it here in BA? All I know of is a place in Belgium where you pay 90€. Not just expensive but also a lot of fuss to get it there and back. Any ideas?
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    Encuentros abiertos, festival de la luz

    a thing to do in this rainy weather, if you like photography, check this out! festival de la luz
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    Cacerolazo today the 14th

    There was a thread about this before, and today I received this mail... Por favor difundir a sus amistades. Gracias !!! > > > > AQUÍ TODOS LOS PUNTOS DE ENCUENTROS DE CAPITAL FEDERAL, PROVINCIA DE > BUENOS AIRES E INTERIOR DEL PAÍS !!! DIFUNDIR !! > > CAPITAL FEDERAL : PLAZA DE MAYO Y EL...
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    sewing lessons / prof de costura

    I am looking for a place where they give sewing lessons : evening courses, weekend courses (no day classes), preferably (semi) private or at least small groups. I have asked everywhere and everyone I know, with no result. Someone has an idea where to look, or know someone who can give the...
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    Spelt flour, harina espelta

    Does anyone have any idea where to get spelt flour? I found spelt pasta in organic stores, but no flour. Thanks,
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    I know there are similar threads like this, but with inflation I am wondering : How much do you pay for The delivery guy from disco/pizza etc The man that washes your windscreen at the gas station The hairdresser The guys that "guard" your car on the street Etc
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    Pina 3D (the movie)

    Breathtaking, especially if you like ballet, but even if you don't. Considering the fact that they don't play a movie very long here, I recommend you to go and see this one soon! Pina 3D
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    Just wondering if there is another place to buy bags of rolitos/icecubes then at the gas stations?
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    External hard disk

    My iMac (1terra) is full and I want to put all the pics I have plus my future ones on an external hard disk. That has to be more then 1 terra, maybe best a kind of hard disk that has several modules that can be changed when full. (so I don't have to keep on buying new hard disks all the time)...
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    English tutor (IGCSE)

    I am looking for a tutor to help my 15 year old daughter with English. She is in doing her IGCSE exam this year and the teacher made her lower her level. However next year she has to do her IB where English must be "1st language-high level" but English really is her 3th language. I think she...
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    photo exhibition

    If you like photography you should go to the exhibition of Robert Doisneau, a classic, in centro cultural de recoleta. In case you don't know his name, I am sure you know this photo :)
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    literatura Rioplatense

    I want to follow the course of 'Literatura Rioplatense' at UBA. It is once a week on thursday from 14:00 to 17:00 from the 16th of may till the 10th of july. The only problem might be (as was in the past) that there are not enough participants and that the course will be canceled. I know...
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    Send TV to Europe, suggestions?

    When moving here, we brought a new HD TV from Belgium. Unfortunately it doesn't work here (Pal instead of Pal-N). We have a transformer but the quality is so bad that it is no use having such a good TV. As my son will be moving back to Belgium by the end of the year to go to University and...
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    Louise Bourgeois (Maman) in PROA

    A nice thing to do this extended weekend. Visit Maman in PROA! Went today and really liked it...
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    18 year old coming to learn Spanish

    I have cousin coming over for a month to study Spanish. Originally she was hoping to go to (normal) school with my kids, but that seems to be impossible. So I am looking for something nice/fun, I know it exists but can't really find it right now : For example all morning class, and in the...
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    My son (17) wants to go to Tiesto in the Autodromo this weekend, together with a friend. But I was told this is not only far but also quite a dangerous place. Anyone know the place? Should I let him go or not? Your thoughts?
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    As my camera broke down and I need a new one to go to NYC in jan, I thought I'd buy it on amazon and let it be sent to my hotel in NYC. First of all I never bought electronics on amazon, secondly I never had anything send to a hotel before. Anyone who has and was (or wasn't) happy with it...
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    where to get fireworks?

    Becoming more Argentine each day :eek: and decided to lit our own fireworks on christmas and newyears eve. I don't have much time to look for it though. Anyone know where to get them? thanks!
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    ipad question

    I am considering buying an ipad in the US. If I buy a WIFI + 3G I need to unlock, right? What if I buy a WIFI only, do I also need to unlock? Is unlocking easy?