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  1. chrissy1227

    Counterfeit $100 Pesos From An Atm On Scalabrini!

    I've been here for a couple of months now, and this is a first. I went to an ATM last night to pay for a cab, at 5:45 AM, and the ATM doled out false $100 pesos. I didn't realize until this morning, after I had already paid the cab driver with $200 and a pizza place with another $200 of the $500...
  2. chrissy1227

    Psychiatric Medication Prescriptions

    Hi all: I'm a student here in BsAs, and I came in June with 3 months worth of medication prescribed by my psychiatrist back home. I'll be running out in less than a month, and I want to make sure I'm on top of things so there is no chance of me having a gap in taking my medication. I did a...