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  1. tesstafarian

    Sales Representative Position Plus Visa Sponsorship

    Hi Everyone, I'm a recruiter by trade and I'm helping a friend's company with their search for new sales reps. The company is located downtown and they're seeking fluent/native English speakers to join their sales team. All of their clients are in the US, so it's 100% phone-based sales, but...
  2. tesstafarian

    Where To Find Good Soup?

    I second the make-it-at-home option. I love soup (made some homemade no-noodle chicken soup just yesterday). It's cheap, healthy and awesome for cold rainy days, and I swear by homemade bone broths during cold/flu season. Best suggestion (aside from Fukuro mentioned above) is to make it on...
  3. tesstafarian

    Bringing A Pet / Rabies Vaccine

    I brought two dogs with me (2 and 6 years old) and there wasn't anyone at SENASA in Ezeiza to take my paperwork, so I just walked on through. Don't bank on that, though. My understanding is that airlines have their own age and vaccination restrictions (check with your specific carrier...but...
  4. tesstafarian

    Ba To Rio With 2 Dogs. Not In An Airplane.

    Hey kids, I'm looking to relo to Rio for a few months and trying to sort the logistics out of getting there. I have 2 small dogs who are coming with me, and I'd prefer to avoid air travel if possible. Ideally I'd like to rent a car, but one-way trips between countries are proving to be...
  5. tesstafarian

    Again: Who Much Do You Pay Your Cleaner?

    Mine is the cousin of a good friend, and she charges 50 pesos/hour. Sometimes she doesn't work for the full 4 hours but I have no issue paying her a flat rate of 200 pesos/cleaning. She's incredibly trustworthy and very buena onda and those two things are important for me. She works really...
  6. tesstafarian

    (American) English Teacher At $100/hour. Is This Possible?

    If you can do Skype calls I think that should be fine. PM me if that's a possible option. Thank you!
  7. tesstafarian

    (American) English Teacher At $100/hour. Is This Possible?

    That's lovely! Please PM me if you're interested and we can start speaking about the details. Thanks!
  8. tesstafarian

    (American) English Teacher At $100/hour. Is This Possible?

    Happy New Year Kids, I'm looking for an American (as in Yankee...estadounidense) english teach for the Alto Palermo area. The student is a beginner and is looking to take a few hours/week with a budget of $75-100 pesos/hour. I pay $75 pesos/hour for Spanish classes but my teacher is very...
  9. tesstafarian

    English Teacher

    I have a lot of English teacher friends. PM me and let me know what they're looking for (level, etc.) and I'll send you info.
  10. tesstafarian


    I think dog poop works for most situations in this world. Let me know if you need any.
  11. tesstafarian

    Looking For Good Tour (First Timer)

    A buddy of mine works for a tour company and he does private and group tours. Not sure of the prices, etc., but he's incredibly well informed on Argentine/Buenos Aires history, very cheeky and provides an array of useful tips along the way (how to ID fake bills, etc.). PM me if you'd like his...
  12. tesstafarian

    The Cosmopolitans: Expats Abroad...pilot Tv Episode

    I have the same Netflix account/setup. I'll be honest, every time I have friends come to visit they say that "my" Netflix account is better than theirs regarding content options. I'm not sure what the details are on these differences, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise for you ;) Regarding...
  13. tesstafarian

    Looking For A Female Frenchie

    I have 2 Miniature Dachshunds (perros salchichas!), including a very rare and elusive long haired, and I can't walk down the street without getting a request for sperm donation*. They lack testicles and the accompanying sperm, but seriously, it's not a bad way to go about finding a mate. Head...
  14. tesstafarian

    Chinese/asian Food

    Jaja, the trick is: everything tastes better with wine. But seriously, cooking can be tough here. The one thing I miss the most about the US is the average Whole Foods or urban-sized grocery store where one trip will satisfy your need for just about any unique/gourmet/hard-to-find oil...
  15. tesstafarian

    Chinese/asian Food

    I beg to differ they're real... Regarding Asian food...yes, it exists. Barrio Chino has some decent restaurants (Hong Kong Style is great!). But my general feeling is that most dishes you order are going to be close...but are usually going to come up short. Personally, I've resorted to...
  16. tesstafarian

    Tourist Visas Marrying An Argentine The Answer?

    This is all very helpful...and I think it's clear that marriage is NOT the best option. I've reached out to another lawyer, and will do more research on the student visa options tomorrow. And if all else fails, I'm glad to know I have adoption to fall back on.
  17. tesstafarian

    Tourist Visas Marrying An Argentine The Answer?

    With all the news (and gossip) about expats running into issues with tourist visas and re-entering Argentina (whether they have adhered to the 3 month exit or have overstayed and paid the fees), it's pretty apparent that relying on tourist visas may not be the best solution anymore. I'm a US...
  18. tesstafarian

    How To Obtain Dollars In Brazil

    I'm headed to Rio tomorrow and I'm curious if you found any options for obtaining dollars in Rio. I spoke with Citibank and (surprisingly) even though I have debit and credit accounts with them, they said I'm unable to access US Dollars from one of the branches. ATM's do exist that offer...
  19. tesstafarian

    F*ing Visa Overstay An Issue?

    Thanks, I'm going to be a rebel and risk it; not worth an extra trip to Uruguay tomorrow (and the $50us for the trip).
  20. tesstafarian

    Palermo Soho

    Hey! I live in Palermo Soho and am always up for a mate! Private Message me if you're interested! Chau!