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    Any change on entrance requirements to argentina?

    i was in a US airport yesterday picking up my colombian girlfriend of 15 years. no mask requirements on the flight or in the airport. it looks probable that antigen tests will go away on june 15
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    came through immigrations today from the US

    it was like you said. ddjj, health plan, antigen test. united has an app that allows you to upload all information and will tell you are travel ready. in phx no problems, travel ready. houston had a long line to verify all documents. i stood inline for 20 minutes to verify my documents. he said...
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    Present requirements to enter Argentina from the US

    I have done the site searches. The info is old or I am not using the correct words. I am fully vaccinated. Pcr test 72 hours in advance Go to ddjj and fill it out Do I still need Covid health hospital insurance plan? I don’t plan on using it so would go for high deductible. Suggestions for...
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    happy holidays and merry christmas to all in the expat community.

    your a great group with diverse ideas. happy holidays and wishing yo the best.
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    The usa is 23,000,000,000 in debt and keeps adding to it. must be the art of the deal

    usa debt, who thinks it important
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    petro coin backed by argentine oil reserves

    i was reading today about macri offering cryto currency called petro coin through blockchain technology backed by a large oil reserve. is this true or false?
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    Flight Canceled To Houston On Friday

    my flight was cancelled to houston on friday with united. when in trouble, contact an baexpat member. i contacted ben thru pm and he saved my day. he got me booked same day on an american flight no charge. can't thank him enough. really an anxious moment. THANKS BEN.
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    Travel Redress Inquiry Program For Usa

    just wanted to help people who think you have no options when traveling to the usa on a visa and have been unfairly question and detained. there is a program in place called "travel redress inquiry program". you apply to homeland security to review your visa situation. homeland will review your...
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    Banking Regulations For Non Residents

    I am wondering if the banking regulations have changed for non residents with residential ownership. my account was closed 2 years ago and wondering if marci had any effect on those regulations. I just want a savings account with a debit card for automatic pay for utilites. I am a US resident...
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    Traveler Redress Inquiry Program Usa

    all. this is an attempt to contribute to this forum. I discovered a program that helps in solving the second screening by immigration while entering the usa. to note, my girlfriend is Colombian. she has had a us tourist visa for the last seven years. she never stays more than 180 days in a given...
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    Mayweather Vs Pacquiao Fight

    I tried to watch the fight on the TV Publica website and was blocked. I am presently outside of argentina. Does anybody know if the site was working in argentina? could I have watched it if I had VPN? thanks
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    What To Expect With A Furneral In Colombia

    My girlfriend of 7 years lost her daughter yesterday. She drown while vacationing. I am traveling tomorrow to Medellin and would like some information should I need to make up front decisions. The body is to arrive tomorrow. I understand embalming is not the norm in south America. usually...
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    No Problems With Immigration

    just returned to the US after a 10 day stay. I had no problems with immigration. thought it was relatively the same as a year ago on expenses. had lots of fun with great weather. one last thing. I had some of the most heart warming experiences with the average argentine on the street going out...