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    What is Generation Zoe?

    i've been reading these articles today about the collapse of Generation Zoe. but...i'm having a hard time understanding exactly what the business is. clearly they are getting lots of people to invest money but for what exactly??
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    aerolineas stupidity

    why does this airline make it so difficult to pay for a reservation? why can't i just enter a credit card along with booking and be done with it?? i book a ticket online but it doesn't let me pay for it. i am being forced to contact them by whatsapp to finish the reservation (but of course...
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    car rentals in CABA

    can anyone recommend a car rental company in CABA? i've been trying to find a car to rent for a week at the end of December and nothing is available. wondering if maybe there are some smaller companies i don't know about.
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    300m of railroad track stolen in tucuman
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    Servicio domestico rates

    i'm thinking it's time i adjust again the rate i'm paying my cleaning lady. just wanted to see from others what they are paying these days per hour?
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    avocado oil

    i'm looking for avocado oil for cooking. i found a couple products on ML but they seem to be only for cosmetic use. anyone found this in CABA? bonus points if i can buy it online.
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    correo compras

    Correo Argentino is launching its own marketplace, that they expect to compete with ML. i wonder how long it takes before this venture crashes. i mean, they are advertising 3 business day delivery in CABA but on ML i can get lots of items delivered next day. where is the incentive to buy with...
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    12 cuotas for the peluqueria

    this really is just absurd. who comes up with these wonderful economic ideas?
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    land grabs

    i'm seeing quite a bit of articles in the news about various land grabs in different parts of the country. why does this seem to be such a common thing here? do property owners not have any rights to remove people who illegally enter on their property?
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    are plumbers working?

    my girlfriend needs to hire a plumber for a few tasks at home. are plumbers officially enabled to work? this is in parque chacabuco area.
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    survey request - Museo Larreta

    fellow expats, my girlfriend is working on her thesis project this semester at UADE, and their group put together a survey to gather information about Museo Larreta. it's very quick survey, about 5 min, even if you've never heard of it responses are valuable. much appreciated! survey here!
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    teleworking bill

    can anyone explain to me what the government was trying to achieve with this new bill? what is the "good" that comes out of these new regulations?
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    i'm trying to find butcher shop or something selling panceta. preferrably more the US style but i will take any type of panceta at this point. i know PIAF sells it but i'm not in their delivery zone. anyone got a lead on another place?
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    the failed attempt to oust maduro i found this to be a pretty interesting article
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    contractor to fix a roof leak

    my girlfriend's older home is suffering from a few minor leaks in the roof area of her house. primarily around some drains on her terrace that are leaking around the outside of the drain pipe and into the house. does anyone have a recommendation for a company or contractor that could fix this...
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    judge bonadio died

    let the conspiracy theories begin...
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    cruise terminal transport

    i've got some friends that will be arriving at BA on a cruise in a couple of weeks. i'm trying to get them from there to puerto madero to meet up with me. i'm not too familiar with the cruise terminal, are there normally taxis hanging out there for when they arrive? from what i see on the...
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    here come larger peso notes on top of that, they want to change AGAIN the pictures on the bills: i didn't realizes that images of native animals were not representative of everyone and were politically skewed. such a joke.
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    dollar withdrawals

    one thing i'm a little confused about with these controls. are there limits on how much USD you can withdraw from your USD account at the bank? i know there are limits in how much USD you can buy ($200).
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    taxis busted (again) color me shocked. i am pleased to see that police appear to be actively pursuing justice against this...