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    Inflation ???

    Going to Alvear Hospital ( Mental health, acute cases, Warnes st. ) , if you¨re under treatment there , you get medication for the whole week, of course, under indication of a doctor of the house. Going to shock room (emergency , urgency called here ) you get medication for 2 days and so on till...
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    Inflation ???

    It is not quite right. Going to public hospital, most of the times you get free medication including psychopharmacology. But it is true that some pharmacies sells any medication without prescription paying an extra.
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    Inflation ???

    Sedatives and other psycho medications are highly cotrolled here You need double prescription to buy them (one copy is reserved for ministry of health ). Your half is not a doctor here. Even if she showed her title, she also needs local validation and and a registered number both of ministry of...
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    Try for advice at your bank. They do the job of buying and custody for you ( in change of a fee :) ). At least, B. Frances does
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    Bs As Getting To Be Very Pricey.

    Keep in mind that all this phenomena is not about new opportunities or savings but supported by increasing national debt in international currency . Deficit this year is estimated in the record high of 7% GDP
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    Lanata Deported From Venezuela Argentine ambassador in Venezuela
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    Cristina's New Party... Frente Unidad Ciudadana Kirchnerista

    Unlikely Cristina president again according to the present political/parties scenery. This kind of policies prepares the Trump /Brexit way in my opinion.
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    If Somebody Might Enlighten Me - What May Have Happened ?

    You`re welcome. But you must know that I can`t always maintain an zen actitude. My country still makes me angry usually. Have the most pleasent stay here !
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    If Somebody Might Enlighten Me - What May Have Happened ?

    Just a pow from a local. In order I get older, learned that patience not a few times is the best way accoding to a potential cost/profit ratio. Taking the scene described as an example, cost : Imagine an hour delay for a thousand people or the slight chance of a pregnancy lost. Some, like me...
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    And The Winner Is..............

    Paul Singer ?
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    Presidential Transition

    Please, can you add some paramaters about the concept "normal or accepted profile" ? Some examples of normal leaders would help to understand that your are not just critcizing style, making an aesthetic judgement that cant be confused with pathological behaviour or a soul full of evil.
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    Presidential Transition

    Ok. Your POV. Irrelevant to make psychological profiles, which you have no authority neither tools to make. I stay in law, not beyond. la grieta again ! :)
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    Presidential Transition

    Laws are approved in comission before enter to the hall just for to be voted. Everything is read before.
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    Peronist Future?
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    Peronist Future?

    Las veinte verdades peronistas ( THE 20 peronists statements ) Sorry, in national&popular spanish BTW Great amount of books related to Peron doctrine One of latest written by Anibal Fernandez
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    Mauricio Macri ... Next President Of Argentina

    Time does nothing, just passes by.
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    Lady That Can Sew

    Gallery in Santa Fe ave between Oro and Darregueira. Ucranian mother & daughter
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    Grrr! Argentine Supermarkets

    I´ve heard that¨s useful a 10 feet pole
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    18 Years Old, In 7 Months I'm On My Own

    To mix catholicism and science is not always easy in some disciplines . In the other hand, multnational Perez Companc used to take lawyers only fron UCA
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    Buenos Aires Seen From A Drone

    Ths is nice too. Palacio Barolo at his best, among other buildings