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    Xoom Or Cuevas?

    415 - There are 3 main Cashiers on libertad. The younger gentleman and lady speak English. They can help with the forms if you are a first timer.
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    Need A Good Spanish Intensive Curse, Any Recommendation?

    We go to She will tailor to how many hours you want and is much cheaper than bigger schools.
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    Sewing Machine To Borrow?

    I do. It's from the us, but I have a transformer as well. Pm me
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    Cubiertos? What's The Deal?

    What about when the waiter charges for an infant that is on your lap most of the time, who does not even eat the bread, or touch the "cubiertos"?
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    Baby Items For Sale

    Allcraz, depending on if you have a boy or girl, I may have some things you can have when I leave in Feb. PM me if you are interested...
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    Has Anyone Ever Brought A Dog From Eze To The States?

    Unfortunately, this is true. We brought our 2 cats and a dog to and from the US to BsAs and it cost nearly $4000. And that was a few years ago. Just checked again because we were getting a dog for our kids for christmas, but prices have gone up and more paperwork needs to be filed. Are you...
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    Temporary Help

    Yasmin, I have just emailed you. Tangueraintrepida, I did see Allison's post, however, I need someone sooner than when she will be arriving.
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    Temporary Help

    Hi. I am looking for someone for the next 3 months to help with some household duties. I have 3 children, ages 4, 3, and 1 who needs looking after while hubby and I get some projects done. English is not mandatory. We work from home, so technically we never leave our children alone with anyone...
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    Has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with interspanish?
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    How Often Do We Have To Pay Reciprocity Fee.

    Thank you Dave Appreciated
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    How Often Do We Have To Pay Reciprocity Fee.

    If anybody knows the answer it would be appreciated. We are coming next month and my young son already paid the reciprocity fee when we visited 2 years ago. How long is he good for before we need to pay it again? Thank you Navette
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    Tourist Apartments On Airbnb?

    I've rented my apt out through bytargentina and have had positive remarks from past tenants with the exception of one (dry sauna kept burning out fuse when in use). Byt contacted me, we fixed the problem, but suggested we discount that month's rate, we agreed, and tenant ended up staying for 9...
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    Looking for apt Feb-May

    Please check out: and let me know if it is something you would like. It is my apt so I can work directly with you. Thanks!
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    Great Things Argentina has that home doesn´t

    I prefer the kiss on the cheek over handshakes or simple nods. My hubby misses the Cuban cigars and grilled provoletas.
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    New American Breakfast Restaurant!

    Haha. I got the nerve to try the sundae with bacon and the waiter suggested hot fudge instead of maple syrup and it was quite good actually. But then again, I'm pregnant...
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    Arriving Wednesday April 27th from California!

    I agree with sheets and small electronics. If you are a cook, even a simple one, bring spices and salad dressing. Enjoy the country!
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    VoIP, Ooma, Vonage, Skype, etc.

    Glad the info helped. It took my husband 5 minutes to hook up and haven't had any problems since November. The quality was just as good as anywhere else. We've used the same number in California, Hawaii, and Thailand. We travel every few months or so and our flights are usually at least 20 hours...
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    VoIP, Ooma, Vonage, Skype, etc.

    We used to have Vonage, but switched to Ooma. From our experience, the customer service is better if you encounter any problems. Advantages: -You can forward your number to a cell phone or computer if you were to be away and expecting phone calls. -No monthly fees, unless you add features...
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    Insecurity Here is Real

    Ptolemy-I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you and your family. With small children myself, I cannot imagine what your family is going through. I hope you have a smooth transition to whatever place you plan on moving your family. On a side note, it does not matter whether there is a...
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    baby chair for sale?

    I have one that I won't be needing anymore, you can have it. It's a booster seat with tray and insert I brought from the states. PM me if you still need one.