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    new mercer cost of living figures 2009
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    3g phone card for notebook computer

    any recommendations for a 3g mobile phone card for a notebook computer? costs? is this at all comparable to a good wired internet connection?
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    here's a thread to hear what people think qualifies a structure to be great architecture. is just being old enough to make it great architecture? is historic enough ? is being decorated enough? could it have something to do with style? we could start with the chorizo. not the...
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    ? explanation of porters/portero compensation

    maybe some folks here know the rules for porters compensation and could explain? 1. what union do they belong to? 2. monthly salary based on what? does it have raises based on length of service ie a new porter gets paid less than someone on the job for ten years? 3. guide to monthly salary by...
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    ques? about land trip ushuaia 2 el calafate

    anyone travel by car or bus from ushuaia to el calafate or know anything about travel between the two places? for january or summer time... buses? car rental? travel time? route? etc...........thanks david
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    lanpass/one special 48k miles na 2 sa

    just got an email from lanpass (lan chile frequent flyer program) that they have a special usa to south america ie buenos aires 49,000 frequent flyer kms half of normal amount. tickets must be booked before july 8 and travel completed by dec. use your miles and/or buy some if you need them...
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    peso hits new low 3.8 to 1 usa dollar today sun

    sad state of affairs
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    bbc food inflation comparison incl. ba

    heres a link to for an article that purports to show the actual inflation on some food items for seven international cities including buenos aires when you read the graphs they show percent of inflation. they do not necessarily show...
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    Aurora australis visible in Ushuaia ?

    anyone know more about the abililty to view the Aurora australis or southern lights in the sky from Ushuaia or other southern regions of Argentina? times of year (i presume sometime in winter) ? .......frequency?........common?........uncommon......? from other locations too? i've seen...
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    why we live in cities and put up with whatever

    great article that trys to explain why we put up with whatever to live in big cities
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    average temperature charts for buenos aires

    please keep in mind these are averages. winter can drop colder 30 F and summer can be 104 F Records and Averages for Buenos Aires. View: English | Metric. Daily Records and Averages at . MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowAvg. Precip.January83.5° F68.5° F3.90 in.February81.3° F67.5° F4.20...
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    giving back to argentina

    ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country - jfk i was reading franks sugar and spice blog about how his company is helping/donating to make a reading corner (actually dont know what that is but it sounds helpful) in a poor section of town. it reminded me...
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    lan chile great price reduction for usa ba

    the prices on lan chile seem to have dropped a lot this week from their recent fees of 1400 or 1800 usa from ba to miami or nyc they were 599 on monday before taxes or about 700 with and now on wed they are 724 with taxes comes to about 800 online still a lot but better if any one...
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    2 ipod classics for sale

    one brand new 120 gig video one 1 1/2 or 2 yrs old 160 gig classic with video both loaded with music murbach at also toshiba 3 yr old notebook very slim 2 pounds like everyone else just need some money
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    new years eve ?

    anyone know of any fun places to be new years eve? any public fireworks or ?
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    expat in the news Caras magazine

    sorry tryin not to brag but am proud of this article on my work am a nyc er and a part time porteno CARAS · actualidad a big time glossy magazine in south america scuse my braggadocio