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    What, In Your Opinion, Is Argentina's Culture

    Hey everyone, So I have been asked to do a presentation on the culture of Argentina. I would be glad if you can drop a line or two on what you take this to mean. An example would be the laid back professional attitude in Argentina. Gracias!
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    Holidaying In Argentina

    Right! so I have been living here for some time now but I have never had the opportunity to visit neighbouring cities. I am thinking of renting a caravan and driving down south with many stops along the way. Is there anybody who is planning on doing something similar from 3rd June till 15th...
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    What To Do This Long Weekend

    Hello guys, So I am off work from tomorrow Thursday till Tuesday next week and I am not sure what to do with all that time. I was thinking about going to Pinamar but I hear it is a little too late to book a hotel now. Suggestions please!!!
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    Motorbike and helicopter lessons

    Strange one this. Does anyone know where one can take motorbike and/or helicopter lessons in BA? thx
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    I am looking for Spanish group class

    I am a 29 yr old professional working in BA. I am currently looking for group Spanish class. I work till 7pm every weekday so would prefer evenning classes. Thank you all
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    Maipu y Paraguay

    Hi all I finally got an apartment in Maipu and was wondering if there are any expats this way. Thank you
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    Can someone kindly suggest the 'it' club to party at in Bs As.
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    Coming over end of this month

    Hello everyone, I will be coming over from the UK at the end of this month. Does anyone need anything reasonably sized for me to bring? I noticed that Ipad 2 are very expensive gadgets in BA. Will it be a good idea to bring a couple for sale? Thank you
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    Moving to Bs As soon

    Hi all, I will be moving from the Uk to Bs As by late next month. I have just secured myself a job and was wondering if I could get some advice from you guys regarding accomodation. Thank you for your time