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  1. J

    The Coin Shortage is OVER

    it's over in my eyes....was due 5 pesos in change at a bar the other night and they gave me 5 shiny 1 peso coins.
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    Favourite Eats under $40/50 a head around the corner...definitely worth checking out
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    90 day visa

    So I did my colonia renewal yesterday, and noticed something: The stamp they gave me on my passport now says "3 months" instead of "90 days" it said last time. Anyone know anything about this? Is it not a strict 90 days anymore?
  4. J

    Apartments Forum

    Is the apartment forum working? I've tried posting twice to it over the past week or so and nothing has shown up.
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    Room for rent in Great Palermo Viejo apartment

    I am now living in this apartment, but unfortunately will not be at the end of this month unless I find a roommate! I am absolutely in love with this place and do not want to move. If you are interested in signing a new lease with me, please send me a private message. I will be happy to answer...
  6. J

    New ATM fee

    I took out 300 from a BANELCO yesterday and got charged the fee. I have a citibank account so I usually dont get charged, but of course all three of the citibank machines next to my house were not working. que paja!
  7. J

    Moving to Buenos Aires

    from You Me and Dupree... "I went to Argentina one time, and everyone seemed to be sitting around. It was beautiful"
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    Moneda Melodramas

    I saw heaven today: a bag of what must have been more than 100 pesos worth of 50 centavo coins. I'm not going to disclose exactly where I saw this, but I will tell you that my moneda crisis is now over. No, I was not charged a fee, no this did not happen on the black market. I am a very happy...
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    Dumb question. I went to, searched the Hangover, and saw that the release date was in August. Confused, I looked around some more and realized that knew I was in Argentina and auto-adjusted the release date. Internet 1 - Jeff 0. I guess my next question should be how to delete...
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    Does anyone know of a website that says when movies premier in Argentina? For example, I would like to see The Hangover, but it doesn't seem to be out here yet, and I cant find anything online that says when it will be here. Thanks
  11. J

    ATM Citi Bank Florida gives problems

    i managed to withdraw 1000 from the citibank on santafe the other day
  12. J

    Burgers in the 'Burbs' - 6/14

    Can I swap a book for a guitar? Hoping to make it this time as well, couldn't last time. Also hoping I wont be looked down upon too much for most likely being the youngest in attendance... Jeff
  13. J

    Expats Trekking/climbing/outdoors group...

    Hey Mike, I moved to BA almost 2 months ago from Colorado, and although I've been having a lot of fun, yes, I am missing that outdoors aspect to my life as well. My exercise used to be skiing/hiking every it involves dodging maniac collectivo drivers, walking a few blocks away from...
  14. J

    Strawberries? Frutisias?

    saw some today at a stand on the corner of Juncal and larrera....i think...well I may have forgotten, but it definitely was on Juncal...If you're walking from pueyrredon to callao, just check every left hand corner fruit shop until you find it. actually, they were small and not very good...
  15. J

    a mainer with a dream to live in argentina

    +++ : climate: it's sunny about every day with pleasant temperatures Not to play devils advocate...but what city are you living in? There have been quite a few gray days, especially recently...
  16. J

    Debate on Craiglist on Expats in BsAs

    ...and that a lot of students are studying on academic scholarships ...and that some schools don't include housing in the abroad scholarship ...and that even if the student, or anyone for that matter, is rich, its pretty crappy to take advantage of someone financially. Mala onda.
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    Debate on Craiglist on Expats in BsAs

    bad link? wheres the debate?
  18. J

    Testing the waters

    Did you find the real sriracha? The one with the rooster on it? I bought a big bottle too, but its not the authentic stuff, It has 3 chili peppers on it and has a bit of a different taste.
  19. J

    Testing the waters

    this is incredible news. thank you. I will now proceed to spice up my life (...and all the sudden that awful female british pop group from the 90s jumps into my head...)
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    Testing the waters

    Sriracha. For me. Please. (Does anyone know if they sell this somewhere in "Chinatown?")