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    A True Story, Tenant Versus Landlord

    Thought I would like to share my expirience in the rental business here in Buenoas Aires. Seems like it gives a lot of negative bias against landlords in general.....reason for deposits, garantias etc etc. So, this is the story: I bought a nice flat in Palermo like 8 years ago, nice penthouse...
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    Finally free floating....$-553 hahahaha
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    Buy dollars for 4.53 guaranteed!

    To all the people out there that want to get rid of their pesos at a good rate or people that just wanna stock up on their its possible: This link made my day!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha If you cant laugh about this, I cant help you!!!!!
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    CFK PISS-ify her own account! But her diamonds stay diamonds and the dollars abroad stay dollars! :-)
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    Mate cup.....

    Hey, Anybody knows anyone that handcraft exclusive mate cups in calabasa and leather? (Im not talking about the 40-80 peso ones they sell on the markets!) Must be possible to have someone hancraft a nice one, in the right size, with the leather of choice etc. Please, if anybody knows where to...
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    Christinas confession.....

    Just read that CFK have stated: "Handing over power is unavoidable"......In 2015 when her term ends! hahahahahaha! If she holds through this car wreck of a crisis, I buy everyone an icecream! :-)))) (If I can still change my euros or dollars to pesitos or the new currency)
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    Pesos in Uruguay

    Anybody have an idea about the following: Is it possible to withdraw Uruguay pesos in Uruguay, to a fair price, (NOT 30% worse than the real rate), then convert them to Argentinian pesos here? Or maybe even withdraw USD from the atm with a foreign card??? I wanna use my European or US...
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    leather repair

    Hey everyone....... Anybody that can give me a tip on where to have my lederhosen modified, (yes, its not only americanos here). Need to be a serious "saeckler", like you call it in German, and not just a modista that repair jeans! Or maybe some wonderfull person in this forum do the work...
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    Quick question: I am in need of a registered lawyer to write a few letters and Carta Documentos fro me. (Seems like the Argentinians in general only reply to carta documentos when they come from a lawyer). So basically I am only looking for someone with the title and a little basic knownledge...
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    Contractor needed!

    Im in need of a contractor for a loft renovation. I have already done plans with an architect friend, so basically I just need a contractor to put it all out in life! I have had serious bad expirience with architects in general, seems like all they do is putting a little money aside for their...
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    Saturday night!

    YO! Who is up for some beers tonight????? :-) Anyone wanna hang out somewhere over a few pints..... Palermo , Las Canitas or maybe other place..... Im already preparing my body, want to be totally dehydrated for tonight....:-)
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    A Dane in BA!

    Hello BAExpats! Just got to know about this site. I am 40 year old Danish man living in BA since around a year now. Working for myself in small scale renovation of apartments and real estate. Since the Argentinians are quite closed and difficult to get to socialize with, (Unless you are blond...